Our Policies

Stock number policy
Manufacturers have adopted a variety of approaches to changing part numbers for RoHS approved products. Customers too are divided as to whether they prefer stock numbers to change.

It is RS policy that whenever a manufacturer changes its part number, we will supply this to you under a new
RS stock number.

If the manufacturer does not change the part number, the RS stock number will not be changed.

Mixed stock
Where the manufacturer's part number does not change, customers will not receive compliant and non-compliant products in the same delivery.

It is RS policy NOT to advertise product as RoHS compliant until this transition has been completed and compliant stock only is being supplied.

Product substitution
Some manufacturers will choose to change part number when making a product compliant. In this case we will supply it to you under a new RS stock number.

When stock of the non-compliant component is exhausted, the new version will be automatically substituted on your order. We will do this only if the supplier has stated that the new compliant product is a direct replacement for the original non-compliant version.

Should the product not be considered directly compatible, we will offer it as a recommended alternative rather than a direct replacement. In this case you will be notified when placing your order.