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    Audio & Video ICs

    RS offer a wide range of high quality and great value audio and video ICs (integrated circuits) from global brands such as Texas Instruments, Microchip, Analog Device, Maxim Integrated, amongst other brands.

    What are audio & video ICs?

    Audio and video ICs are components that have been manufactured for audio, video and multimedia applications. They have a wide range of functions such as encoding, decoding, processing audio and video data in computer and other hardware systems.

    Types of audio & video IC

    Audio and video ICs have a variety of different functions such as;

    Audio & video encoders & decoders - These ICs are typically used in sound cards with an audio input and output, which means they can be used to both capture speech and allow speaker playback.

    Audio & Video Processors - Available in both digital and analogue, audio and video processors are an ICs that have been designed to enhance and clean up audio and video signals before they are transmitted.

    Audio & Video Switches - Audio switches are used to create a link between universal audio devices that may not typically be used together whilst video switches are used for taking analogue signals and switching them to different types of outputs such as HDMI.

    Video IC - This type of IC acts as an interface between microprocessors and LCDs.

    Video Sync Separators - A Video Sync Separator is a semiconductor device that extracts timing information from video sync in NTSC, PAL, and SECAM systems.

    Adaptive Cable Equalisers - These types of ICS are designed to equalize and restore signals.

    Graphics Controllers - Found on graphics cards, graphics controllers process the graphics received computer hardware to produce a display consisting of dots and lines.

    Where are audio and video ICs used?

    Audio and video ICs are primarily used in computer hardware but are also widely utilised in other types of hardware systems such as;

    • Smart Phones
    • Tablet devices
    • Digital cameras
    • Digital audio effects processors
    • Home security systems