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    Batteries & Chargers

    Batteries are a source of energy that are primarily used to power portable electrical devices, they work by storing chemical energy and turning this into electrical energy once activated. All batteries comprise a positive (anode) terminal, negative (cathode) terminal and an electrolyte that is usually a gel or liquid.

    The uses for batteries are incredibly varied, they can power small electrical devices such as watches, hearing aids, remote controls and handheld consoles, all the way to electric vehicles and beyond.

    We offer a comprehensive range of batteries in common sizes and specialist types including lr14 batteries, button batteries, hearing aid batteries, AA, AAA and D batteries from popular manufacturers Panasonic, Duracell, Yuasa, Saft, Energizer and our own brand RS PRO.

    What types of batteries are available?

    Batteries come in a range of chemistries, shapes and sizes but typically all into two categories; non-rechargeable (primary) batteries or rechargeable (secondary) batteries.

    • Non-rechargeable batteries - Once the chemical reaction inside weakens, they will no longer be able to provide useful power, so they can only be used once. They typically cost less than rechargeable options but aren't suited to high drain applications that require constant high power.
    • Rechargeable batteries - can be charged and discharged numerous times. They are well suited to devices that drain power quite quickly. One of the main benefits of using this kind of battery is that once they have been recharged in full, they are ready to be used again straight away.

    Power banks, chargers & battery accessories

    To keep your power up we have a great range of battery chargers for lots of devices which includes rechargeable AA battery chargers, 12V battery chargers and electric car charging stations.

    If you need power on the move, we have a selection of power banks and solar charges to keep your devices working at all times.