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    Raspberry Pi, Arduino, ROCK, STEM Education & Development Tools

    When it comes to single-board computers and development tools, within our range you will find the latest technologies and products from the best brands - including Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

    Raspberry Pi

    Raspberry Pi is one of the world's most popular brands of single board computers that has transformed the market over the past few years into how we now know it. Originally created for the education sector, these affordable computer boards have allowed computing to be accessible to millions of people around the world.

    Our Pi range includes:

    • Raspberry Pi Boards - All the latest and predecessor models Raspberry Pi 4, Raspberry Pi 3, Raspberry Pi 3B+ and more in various pack sizes for bulk purchases.
    • Raspberry Pi Kits - Containing all the essentials to get started straight away.
    • Raspberry Pi Accessories - Cases, cameras, cables and so much more to use with your Pi board.


    Another industry leader, both Arduino microcontroller hardware and software are used by anyone from maker to advanced engineer endless projects and applications such as robotics, prototyping, education, home automation and musical instruments.

    We stock all popular Arduino boards for your next Arduino based project including the Arduino Nano and Arduino Uno which are ideal for getting started into the world of programming. As well as IoT specific boards like the Arduino Nano 33 IoT for connected devices.

    As well as a great range of Arduino kits, shields accessories and Arduino compatible products.

    Development Tools

    Development boards and tools are used in home electronics projects and in established systems and programs to make improvements. We provide development kits, evaluation boards, emulation and simulation tools, programmers, prototyping tools and accessories from a wide range of brands including Analog Devices, Microchip, Mikroelektronika, ON Semiconductor and STMicroelectronics.