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    Carbon Fibre & Felt Sheets

    Carbon fibre sheets and felt sheets are widely used in industrial and domestic applications, providing lightweight yet highly durable protection. Manufactured from fibres and synthetic materials, these robust sheets help to provide an aesthetic finish, whilst offering optimum protection and durability.

    Why use carbon fibre sheets?

    Carbon fibre sheets (also referred to as composites) are a highly durable yet lightweight material commonly used in areas such as automotive, aerospace, aviation and entertainment. Carbon fibre sheets are first created by twisting very fine strands of fibre together like yarn, which is then woven into fabric. This is then saturated or infused with epoxy resins, which is then heated to a high temperature. Carbon fibre sheets offer a wide range benefits including exceptional durability, low thermal expansion, high corrosion resistance and much more.

    Why use felt sheets?

    Felt sheets, also referred to as pressed felt, is a man made material which can be manufactured from natural or synthetic fibres. This lightweight material is perfect for industrial applications that require protection from vibration, dust or carbon leakage, as well as the need to retain heat and reduce noise. Felt sheets are available in a range of thickness sizes to suit various applications.

    How to choose the right sheet

    Whether you require a carbon fibre sheet or a felt sheet, it is important to select one with the correct thickness or density as this can majorly impact the performance and suitability. Here at RS, we offer a selection of carbon fibre sheets and felt sheets in various sizes to accommodate your needs.