Material Lifting & Loading Equipment

Material lifting products cover a broad spectrum of both heavy-duty and light-duty mechanical lifting and loading equipment and accessories. Our comprehensive range includes a wide selection of trolleys, chains, jacks, hoists, hooks and eye bolts, synthetic and wire ropes, slings, thimbles, grips, and wire fittings.

Selecting the right material lifting equipment for the job type:

Bottle jacks and axle stands: A bottle jack, also called a piston jack, is for automotive lifting, designed to raise vehicles off the ground.

  • While a bottle jack may provide temporary support, they’re primarily lifting devices.
  • Axle stands should be used as more reliable vehicle supports while maintenance or repair is carried out.

Lift tables: Scissor lift tables are for lifting and manoeuvring heavy items over small distances.

  • They’re primarily designed around worker safety - they ensure that weights can be conveyed at an appropriate height, and reduce the need for manual heavy lifting
  • Double scissor tables provide higher lifting than single scissor versions, while tandem scissor lift tables are for very long items. Mobile lift tables have braked wheels

Suction lifters: For moving objects of varying weights and sizes, without risking damage to the item.

  • Typically used for glass, ceramics, synthetic panels, coated wood panels, stainless steel sheet or marble
  • They work by attaching 1-3+ suction cups to a flat surface area

Trolley jacks: Sometimes referred to as a floor jack/service jack, these are mechanical or hydraulic items for lifting only.

  • They should not be used to bear loads for extended periods - use a proper support once the item has been lifted clear of the ground
  • Always be aware of a trolley jack’s rated weight limit, and check/top up oil levels in the main cylinder regularly

Lifting slings and lifting straps: A length of webbing, chain or rope, used to attach a load to a separate lifting device (e.g. a crane or hoist).

  • Always be mindful of working load limit (absolute maximum) and safe working load limit (maximum for optimal product longevity)
  • Colour coding usually denotes the max tonnage a sling or strap is rated to carry
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