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    Workshop Tools

    Workshops can vary greatly depending on the work they are producing and the scale at which they complete their work. To ensure that you can find what you need for your workshop, we stock a wide range of staple workshop tools as well as those that may be a little more specific, giving you the confidence to choose RS for all your workshop tooling needs.

    Whether you're looking for machine presses, pillar drills, reamers, or punch/tap and die sets, our varied range of workshop tools covers all bases, from the smallest dies to heavy duty machinery.

    What are the types of Workshop Tools?

    Designed to be used during the manufacture of metal components, our range of workshop tools features a variety of appliances and accessories from a selection of trusted brands to make your work more efficient and comfortable.

    In this section, you will find:

    • Bench Grinders
    • Blasting Media
    • Die Nuts
    • Die Stocks Machine Presses
    • Machine Tool Coolant Systems
    • Metal Guillotines
    • Pillar Drills & Bench Drills
    • Pullers
    • Punch & Die sets
    • Reamers
    • Rethreading Tools
    • Tap & Die Sets
    • Tap Wrenches
    • Thread Dies
    • Thread Repair Kits
    • Threading Taps
    • Workbenches
    • Workbench Accessories
    • Worktops