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    RF Test & Measurement

    You can find an excellent range of Radio Frequency (RF) test equipment from RS. RF Testing equipment is available in many forms, from bench mounted to more handheld portable test and measurement equipment. With more and more modern wireless networks, they require thorough testing, with the ability to locate and source any RF inference is imperative. Therefore, RF testing equipment is vitally important to enable these wireless networks to optimise to their fullest capacity. This equipment is available with a full range of accessories from top brands such as Aim-TTi and Tektronix.

    Types of RF Testing Equipment

    • Programmable Attenuators - these can have a variety of purposes across many RF circuits, with RF attenuators being fixed, switched and variable. RF attenuators help to reduce the level of the signal that can protect the level of signal so it doesn't become too high.
    • RF Cables - Used to carry signals from audio and visual equipment. RF Cables are easily identified with a single pin that plugs into an RF socket coupled with a threaded piece of metal for a secure connection.
    • SWR Meters - great for ensuring your aerial is correctly tuned. Used to measure how well the signal is transmitted from the receiver to the antenna.
    • RF Detectors - these devices are used to test if audio-visual equipment is fully functional and if any inferring signals are present.
    • RF Amplifiers - come in a variety of forms that functions across the radio frequencies, from a few MHz to GHz. A vital role at the last stage to deliver an RF signal to a specified power level for the aerial.