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    Screws & Bolts

    We stock a great range of screws & bolts for any requirement, from machine screws to hex bolts. Within our offer you can choose from grub screws, socket screws, wood screws and self tapping screws as well as coach bolts and U-bolts all from reliable manufacturers including RS PRO, so you can be assured you're getting top quality at a competitive price.

    The simple but very efficient screws and bolts are some of the fixes that is used the most often nowadays. In numerous facets of our everyday lives, from keeping our automobiles together to holding highly durable applications like crash barriers in place, they are employed.

    Both in imperial and the current metric standards, screws and bolts are available in a wide variety of sizes. They are available in stainless steel and plain steel. In contrast, if you use plain steel to fix anything outdoors that is exposed to the weather, you are likely to discover that the fastening rusts so quickly that you will not be able to remove it in six months. Stainless steel screws and bolts are preferred because they are less likely to rust. Therefore, you should choose your repair carefully.

    Different types of bolts

    Plate bolts, rods, and cage bolts are the three primary types of holding down bolts. They are intended to be used to secure an object in place using nuts and washers. They are generally used in applications involving structural steel.

    • U bolts :The "U" shape of U bolts gives them their name. Typically, they come in round, chassis, and square shapes. There are additional U bolts for pipe support.
    • Anchor bolts: ook bolts are made with a practical hook on them. They come in a wide variety of sizes and forms. Hook bolts are employed to offer large items a secure anchor. When it comes to screws and bolts, these hold a prominent place.
    • Starter bars:

    Starter bars generally consist of long, straight bolts. They may be used in a number of settings, including concrete constructions. They are embedded into wet concrete slabs before being utilized to securely fasten one portion to another using steel wire.

    The steel and coatings for each of the aforementioned bolt types are varied. Mild, brilliant mild, stainless, high tensile, and reinforcement bar steel are all common forms of steel. Based on the finish needed, each of these varieties may also be galvanized and zinc plated. You may get advice on the finest kinds of bolts or finishes for the task from a bolt expert. Take a look at our store and you can find all screws and bolts you want.

    Different types of screws

    When it comes to purchasing screws, you should be aware about the different types of them that you can purchase. They include:

    • Wood screws: These are the most common types of screws that you can find. They come along with a tapered point and a smooth shank, which is ideal to penetrate wood.
    • Machine screws: Machine screws have blunt ends, and they are usually made out of steel or brass. You can use them to fasten different metal parts together.
    • Thread cutting screws: These look similar to machine screws. However, they can produce screws within the existing holes that you can find in metals.