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    Hydraulic Valves & Manifolds

    Within our great range of valves and manifolds you’ll find all types of control valves, seal kits, and manifolds from top manufacturers. Nowadays, most people use hydraulic systems on a day-to-day basis; hydraulic valves, hydraulic manifolds, hydraulic cylinders & hydraulic pumps are used in cars, dishwashers and petrol pumps.

    Types of hydraulic valves

    Hydraulic valves allow you to control the flow and pressure of liquid as it travels through the valve; this can sometimes be referred to as a pressure control system. Hydraulic manifolds are used to regulate the hydraulic fluid throughout the system and regulate flow control, and they’re made up of a collection of valves which create a key component in hydraulics.

    Here are the different types of hydraulic available from us:

    • Flow control valve - used to limit or allow hydraulic fluid flow through the manifold
    • Directional control valve - enables you to control the fluid direction
    • Spool valve - an inner component in a valve system
    • Solenoid valve - an electromagnetic valve that’s used to regulate valve opening
    • Monoblock valve- used in a multi-sectional part of a hydraulic system
    • Proportional valve - they rely on the statics to supply a reduced pressure to an output line
    • Pressure control valve - this is used to relieve pressure in hydraulic systems

    With manifolds, there are two key types; the single piece manifold which is used to withstand much higher pressures, and the modular manifold which is used to save space and only requires one hydraulic filter.

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