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Terms and Conditions of RS Components Ltd (“RS”) on RS New Year Celebration (“Carnival”)

Duration:January 1 - February 28, 2023

Terms and Conditions

1. Overview
1) The RS New Year Celebration (Year-end Shopping Carnival): During this Carnival, discounts or rewards will be offered to eligible account holders who place an order through the official website of RS Components Ltd, i.e., https://hken.rs-online.com (the “Website”).

2) Organizer: This Carnival is launched by RS Components Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “RS”). RS may invite one or more third parties to take part in the marketing or operation of this Carnival. Such third parties shall be regarded as the entrusted data processor of RS when they collect personal information on behalf of RS during this Carnival, and shall be referred to as “agents” in any provisions regarding such third parties. The time for such agent to keep any personal data transferred to it shall be limited to where it is necessary for it to carry out its marketing or operation of this Carnival and shall use such personal data in accordance with Cap 486 Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. Upon the end of this Carnival, all personal data transferred to such agent(s) shall be erased or destroyed upon RS's request.

3) Order time: From 00:00 January 1, 2023 to 24:00 February 28, 2023 (local time)

2. Participation
1) Eligible customers: The account holder, with single on-line order meeting the consumption amount requirements of this Carnival, will be eligible for discounts or rewards. Organizations or entities that share the same account name and account number will be regarded as one “account holder” for the purpose of these Terms and Conditions. In case several single orders under one account meet the consumption amount requirements during this Carnival and are entitled to discounts or rewards correspondingly, only one discount or reward will be enjoyed in this Carnival and it will be subject to the single order with the highest discount or reward.

2) The following account holders are not eligible for this Carnival:

  • Civil servant and his/her close relatives or other persons close to such civil servant, or former civil servant and his/her close relatives or other persons close to such former civil servant, or government agencies (including state-owned enterprises, state-owned institutions or people's organizations) and their agents and employees, or any person who is defined as ‘prescribed officer’ under the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance (Cap. 201);
  • Employees of RS and its parent company or affiliated companies and their relatives and family members;
  • Persons or entities that RS considers to be competitors or suppliers (The definition of a competitor or supplier given by RS shall be final and conclusive);
  • Persons or entities that RS considers to be wholesalers, resellers, distributors or traders (The definition of a wholesaler, reseller, distributor or trader given by RS shall be final and conclusive);
  • Customers who have selected to exclude themselves and their employees from such promotions;
  • The account holder who is not appropriate to participate in this Carnival according to the agreement entered by the account holder, the company and the group represented by the account holder and RS (or RS Group) (such account holder will be determined at the discretion of RS in accordance with the relevant agreement and RS has the final decision); and
  • Individuals;

3) Legal or contractual restrictions: Prior to participating in this Carnival, customers shall ensure that they are allowed to take part in this Carnival and receive discounts or rewards correspondingly according to their company rules and policies. Customers shall not participate in this Carnival and shall not be eligible for discounts or rewards provided by this Carnival, provided that their participation in this Carnival would cause violation by RS or customers of any binding contract or applicable laws and regulations.

4) For the avoidance of doubt, RS standard sales terms and conditions, as detailed on the website of RS, shall apply to orders placed during this Carnival.

3. Qualified consumption and goals of this Carnival
1) Customers are eligible for discounts or rewards offered by this Carnival, provided that they place an order, complete the payment and receive the purchased goods during this Carnival, and the amount of consumption meets the requirements concerned. The amount of consumption shall be determined by the tax-excluded amount of a single order, after deducting the price of products that do not participate in this Carnival and any refund (if any).

2) Participating customers shall enter the promotion code into the field "Add Promotion Code". If the customer enters an incorrect promotion code or fails to enter the promotion code, RS is entitled to disqualify the exchange and shall not be liable for the customer’s failure in receiving discounts or rewards offered by this Carnival. After submission, the promotion code shall not be revised, deleted, changed or withdrawn.

3) The discounted price will not be displayed on the online settlement page due to the system of website, and only orders meeting the terms of this Carnival can be paid at discounted price, in case of customers choosing to pay the order with online credit card.

4) The promotion code cannot be used on all Raspberry Pi products, Test & Measurement products and 3D printers (3D Brands include RepRapPro, Ultimaker, 3D Systems). 3D printer exclusion extends to Scanners, Software and Filaments from RS, Verbatim and 3D Systems. Red Pitaya products are also excluded from this this Carnival.

5) Orders participating in this Carnival shall not enjoy any other preferential price, special offer and discount at the same time, and the discounts or rewards under this Carnival shall not be redeemed for cash or otherwise exchanged for other discounts.

4. Disclaimer and limitation of liability
1) Limitation of Liability: To the extent permitted by applicable laws of HKSAR, RS, RS employees, its parent company and employees (collectively “RS Affiliates”) make no express or implied warranties, guarantees or statements concerning this Carnival or its potential discounts or rewards. Neither RS nor any RS Affiliates will be liable to the relevant parties for any liability, claim, redemption or value of discounts and rewards offered by this Carnival, the use or enjoyment of such discounts and rewards, or any circumstances relating to the aforementioned situation, arising from the account holder's registration for or participation in this Carnival. In the event that RS or RS Affiliates are subject to any liability in relation to this Carnival or discounts or rewards provided by this Carnival, any liability of RS or RS Affiliates in respect thereof shall be limited to the value of the discounts or rewards to which the relevant account holder is entitled, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws of HKSAR.

2) Definition of liability: For purposes hereof, "liability" refers to any costs, expenses, indemnities, compensations, litigations, proceedings, demands, losses, and other liabilities (including all attorney fees resulting therefrom) arising directly or indirectly from the relevant event.

5. Data protection
Personal information: By applying to participate in this Carnival and/or requesting or receiving discounts or rewards offered by this Carnival, any account holder permits RS to use its, its employees’ or agents’ personal information in connection with this Carnival, and to provide such information to agents of RS. The account holder further acknowledges that its representatives, designees and senior personnel also permits RS or its agents to use their information for such purposes, and the account holder has obtained the consent of such persons and has the right to acknowledge such consent on their behalf. For more information about the collection and processing of personal information by RS, please go to https://hken.rs-online.com to see RS Privacy Policy. As the personal information collected in this Carnival is also subject to this Privacy Policy, participation in this Carnival represents that relevant parties are aware of and agree to the Privacy Policy.

6. General terms
1) Agent: Unless otherwise expressly authorized by RS, no agent appointed to operate this Carnival on behalf of RS shall have the right to make any representations or statements that are binding on RS on behalf of RS.

2) If any discount or reward offered by this Carnival is redeemed by a third party designated by RS, then such discounts and rewards are also subject to the redemption or use rules of that third party.

3) Assignment of this Carnival: At any time, RS reserves the right to assign its rights and obligations under this Carnival to any related or unrelated entities. Upon such assignment, this Carnival will be the responsibility of such assignee.

4) Notice of change: RS reserves the following rights of modifying the Terms of this Carnival at any time. In the event that RS makes any changes to the Terms, RS will post the latest version of the Terms on its website. Unless otherwise indicated, any changes to the Terms will be effective upon posting. Without limiting the generality of the Terms, such changes may include ending registration for this Carnival prior to this Carnival’s end, or changing the end date of Carnival as described in Article 1.3.

5) Violation of the Terms: In the event of any suspected fraud, misconduct or violation of the Terms, RS reserves the right to take the following actions as it deems appropriate: with or without notice, referral to the relevant government authorities, forfeiture of discounts or rewards, and suspension or disqualification of any account holder from participating in this Carnival.

6) Interpretation: RS retains the right to interpret the Terms of this Carnival to the extent permitted by HKSAR laws.

7) Applicable law and dispute jurisdiction: Disputes or claims arising from or in connection with this Carnival shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the HKSAR laws. Such disputes are exclusively subject to the jurisdiction of the Hong Kong courts.

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