Anyone involved in the world of maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) over the past few decades, whether as maintenance engineers, managers or procurement professionals, is likely to have seen incremental changes across the board. The equipment being maintained has changed, more diagnostics have become available and eProcurement is likely to be used in the purchase of spare parts and tools.

However, as organisations put even greater pressure on their employees to find cost savings and efficiencies in all areas of the business, a host of disruptive technologies is coming to the fore. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain and Augmented Reality (AR) seem set to become more than just business buzzwords as the pace of change accelerates and changes the MRO landscape forever.


RS PRO, the MRO expert from Europe

RS PRO is the own label brand of RS Components, offering you choice, quality and value across thousands of different products.

Industrial Automation and Control

The industrial sector includes various subsectors, including: food and beverage, plastics and consumer goods, packaging, printing and papermaking, mining and aggregate, offshore and offshore industries, transportation and automotive, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Application & Solution

Reducing downtime
Many sensors are exposed to harsh environments. Wrong selection may have effect on performance and reliability.
Solution:High-Protection Sensors
A wide range of products with IP67/69K (high-pressure washing) protection and/or stainless steel body.

Maintenance cost reduction
The mix of usage of component brands across the production line creates a purchasing difficulties and additional maintenance cost.
Solution:Brand Consolidation
We help you to consolidate the brands and offer advice and how machine reliability and productivity can be improved.
Power management
Knowing how much power is consumed by different parts of your process enables energy efficiency measures to be implemented.
Solution:Local Power Monitoring
RS has a range of kWh meters and power meters including a variety of capabilities.

Tools and PPE

Industrial manufacturing involves production in many manufacturing fields. It provides the raw materials and tools for them, including: F&B, textile and garment, machinery, furniture, paper products, petroleum, chemical raw materials, metal smelting, automotive, electrical machinery, test & measurement, medical and biological manufacturing, and many more.

As the world develops and advances, industrial manufacturing technologies will be at the forefront, constantly improving the processes, with SMART factories, and the IIOT.

Application & Solution

Cost management
Once the warranty expires, components with too many brands may bring difficulties in purchasing and increase the maintenance cost.
Solution:Better product advice
With the best combination of products and brands, RS can help you reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of the overall procurement process.

Applications Modification
Fully configure existing machines, develop new machines or equip additional network and data communication capabilities.
Solution:3D design software
RS offers free 3D design software and one of the broadest product ranges, including the latest communications and networking products.
Power management
Knowing how much electrical energy is used by different parts of your process will enable energy efficiency measures to be implemented.
Solution:Local Power Monitoring
RS has a range of kWh meters and power meters including a variety of capabilities.
Reducing downtime
Unplanned downtime is time consuming and will have an impact on productivity.
Solution:Better preventive maintenance
Regular inspections of parts by means of non-invasive tools will help you detect and predict problems before they occur.


Indirect Procurement Report

In this whitepaper RS Components & The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) analyse research conducted with CIPS procurement professionals in 2019 on the challenges of indirect procurement and supplies for Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO). Expert opinion is provided explaining what the findings mean for business and what improvements you should consider for your MRO strategy in order to drive change in your business. 

Key suppliers

We partner with a wide range of leading suppliers in the industry, offering you a broad range of products for all your maintenance needs. Browse some of our top brands: