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We've got over 101,000 technical documents available online giving you 24 hour access to RS, manufacturer, semiconductor, CHIP and Health & Safety data sheets. You'll find these at product level - look out for the symbol.

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If you're still not sure which product to choose, send us your technical enquiry online. We've our technical experts at RS waiting to help you.

They know every inch of our product range so they can pinpoint the exact part you need or find the right technical solution to help you do a great job.


More than just datasheets

Convert to and from 43 different units with our handy unit converter.
Check you're ordering the correct resistor or timer. All this and more - see below

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Intute and Techextra provide you with a central access point to networked engineering information for the UK and higher education and research community. Read articles, visit websites, find books and all of the latest industry.
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