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    General Purpose Enclosures

    General purpose enclosures are non-specific storage devices that have been created and designed to house and protect a large range of equipment, in most cases this equipment is electronics. As the name suggests, these general purpose enclosures are fit for general purpose. The enclosures can sometimes be referred to as a "Multi-Purpose Enclosure", this is due to them being used for a different number of functions and multiple purposes.

    Different types of General Purpose Enclosures

    The type of enclosure that you chose is entirely dependent on the application that you are using it for. Our range of general purpose enclosures feature a variety of different materials, such as aluminium, plastic and fibreglass with some of these being reinforced, flame resistant and corrosion free. Our aluminium enclosures are available in a variety of types such as aluminium alloy and die-cast aluminium. We also have a range of different:

    Gasket materials

    • Aluminium:Aluminium gaskets offer excellent durability and corrosion resistance, making them ideal for outdoor and industrial applications where robustness is essential.
    • Plastic:Plastic gaskets provide flexibility and lightweight properties, suitable for a general purpose enclosure box where ease of handling and installation is important.
    • Fibreglass: Fibreglass gaskets are known for their high strength and flame resistance, making them suitable for environments that require enhanced safety and durability.

    Dimensions and sizes

    Our general purpose enclosures come in a wide range of dimensions and sizes to suit various applications. From small enclosure boxes for compact devices to large electronics enclosures for industrial equipment, we provide options that meet different space requirements and technical specifications.

    **IP Ratings **

    We offer general purpose enclosures with various IP ratings to protect against dust and water ingress. Options include IP65 for total dust protection and low-pressure water jets, IP54 for protection against limited dust ingress and splashing water, and IP66 for high-level protection against dust and powerful water jets. These are especially important for electronic equipment enclosures which may store sensitive components and require a higher level of protection.

    Variety of Colours

    Our enclosure box is available in a variety of colours, including standard grey, black, and white, as well as other colours to match specific aesthetic requirements. This allows for easy identification and integration into different environments.

    Flanged Options for Mounting Purposes

    Flanged enclosures provide easy installation and secure mounting. These options are ideal for applications where the enclosure box needs to be fixed onto surfaces such as walls, panels, or other equipment, ensuring stability and accessibility.

    **Additional Features **

    Our general purpose enclosures come with additional features such as ventilation slots for heat dissipation, display windows for monitoring internal components, and chassis plates for mounting electronic equipment. These features enhance functionality and usability in various applications.

    Typical Applications of General Purpose Enclosures

    An enclosure can be adapted and used for a whole host of different uses and general purposes, but their main purpose is to provide protection for electronics or other items held within the enclosure. Due to the nature of some of the enclosures and the adaptability, they can be mounted onto walls with security accessories added - making them the perfect solution to use in an environment needing an added layer of security.

    How to Order General Purpose Enclosures from RS

    RS is a trusted supplier of general purpose enclosures, offering products from renowned brands such as RS PRO, Hammond, Takachi Electric Industrial, and Schneider Electric. Our extensive catalogue provides a wide selection to meet your specific needs.

    To place an order, simply browse the RS website and use the filter options to narrow down your choices based on enclosure box sizes, colours, flanged mounting options, and other specifications like IP Rating. You can select from various materials, including aluminium enclosures for robust and durable applications, polycarbonate enclosures for excellent impact resistance, or plastic enclosure boxes for lightweight and versatile solutions.

    Once you’ve found your desired general purpose enclosure, add it to your cart and proceed to checkout. RS ensures a smooth and efficient ordering experience, providing high-quality enclosures for all your storage needs.

    How Delivery Works at RS Hong Kong

    We offer convenient delivery options to ensure you receive your order promptly.

    Note: Delivery is not available to GPO Box, Restricted Area, and Outlying Islands. For global stock and Product Plus products, please contact customer service.

    For more information, please visit our delivery page.

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