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    Infrared Thermometers

    An infrared thermometer infers temperature by measuring the thermal radiation that an object emits. This means that temperatures can be measured at a distance, without having to be in direct contact with the object. This is not only ideal for measuring the temperature of difficult to reach areas, but also means that accurate measurements can be taken of moving parts, or of objects in controlled atmospheres. You can learn more in our comprehensive guide to infrared thermometers.

    The RS range of infrared thermometers features high quality models from leading brands such as Fluke and Testo.

    How Does an IR Thermometer Work?

    Infrared thermometers have a lens that focuses infrared radiation onto a detector which converts it into a readable electronic signal. Because of this, it is possible for nearby objects emitting their own thermal radiation to interfere with the measurement- even the thermal body temperature emitted by the user.

    Most non-contact thermometers can be calibrated to mitigate interference and customise the device to the application at hand. With adjustable temperature ranges and distance-to-spot ratios, an IR thermometer is a versatile and easy-to-use temperature measurement solution.

    Handheld infrared thermometers have a laser for aiming purposes, so you can be sure your non-contact measurement is area accurate.

    What Type of IR Thermometer Do I Need?

    Non-contact infrared thermometers are typically robust and versatile, with LCD screens that can display either easily discernible numerical values, or more advanced real time heat map overlays. As models have different capabilities when it comes to accuracy and maximum temperatures measured, it is easy to select an IR thermometer that best suits your requirements and budget.

    Pocket-size models are available for added convenience, and ATEX models are available for use in hazardous environments.

    Temperature Guns often feature additional functionalities such as laser aiming, adjustable emissivity settings, and data logging capabilities.

    Thermometer lasers combine the precision of laser aiming with infrared temperature measurement. They are particularly useful for long-range measurements or situations where direct contact is not possible.

    Infrared thermometers, temperature guns, and thermometer lasers offer exceptional versatility and efficiency for non-contact temperature measurement. With their non-invasive nature, rapid response time, and wide temperature range, it is easy to select a model that best suits your requirements and budget.

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