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    Safety Posters

    Safety Posters

    Our selection of Safety Posters and Wall charts helps you to protect your people, products and premises assisting you in identifying hazard areas highlighting associated dangers. Our posters and charts help maintain a safer working environment and comply with accredited standards.

    The wall charts are available in English, French and German. They are produced in a variety of materials from rigid laminate to plastic, polypropylene and paper. Various sizes and display formats are available ensuring high visibility suitable for your requirements.

    Formats Available are:

    • Leaflet
    • Poster
    • Wall Chart

    Themes Covered:

    • AED Defibrillation, CPR
    • Chemical Spills, Dangerous substances
    • COSHH Safety Guidance
    • Electric shock, safety and guidance
    • First Aid
    • Fork and Lift Truck Safety Guidance
    • Good Housekeeping
    • Health and Safety
    • Maintenance
    • Noise, Personal Protection Equipment
    • Safe Lifting
    • Warehouse and Storage Safety
    • Working at Heights Safety

    Safety Posters can help support a healthy building by improving Safety & Security

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