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    Prohibition Signs

    Prohibition signs are essential for workplaces and public areas that require health and safety orders.

    What is a prohibition sign?
    Prohibition signs are safety signs that identify actions that can cause a risk to a person’s health or safety. The prohibition safety sign includes a red circle, usually with a black safety symbol and a diagonal cross through it to show it is prohibited.Our Health and safety signs may show the symbol only or may come with a message alongside the prohibiting behaviour. There is a choice of signs available such as “No Entry”, "No Smoking" or "No Parking” as well as workplace rules "No Mobile Phones" for health and safety reasons. The range consists of many sizes, plus we also have some fabric prohibition signs available in the French language.

    Examples of Prohibition Signs

    No admittance, authorised personnel only
    Do not touch
    Not drinking water
    No mobile’s
    No pedestrians
    No smoking
    No forklift trucks
    No unauthorised persons
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