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    CCTV Monitor is one of the most important elements of CCTV systems that provide real-time feedback from CCTV cameras and security surveillance equipment. CCTV cameras digital signal needs to be converted into a visual picture and this can happen thanks to the specially designed monitors. These CCTV screens are more than regular HDMI or VGA supporting screens. CCTV monitors are also fitted with BNC connectors that allow for camera-monitor connection.

    Modern CCTV monitors are available in various types, such as:

    • LED monitors
    • LCD monitors
    • TFT monitors

    All of them offer multiple connectors that suit a wide variety of surveillance equipment including CCTV cameras, DVRs and HD recorders.

    How to choose the right CCTV monitor?

    The first thing to consider before buying a CCTV monitor is the size of the monitor and its resolution. Some of the monitors are as small as 5 inches and are an ideal choice to use in motorists. They can be mounted in motorhomes and trucks. The big screen monitors even up to 40 inches are ideal for monitoring centres. They are usually able to display video material from several cameras at the same time.

    How can I connect multiple cameras to one monitor?

    Connecting multiple cameras is easy very easy when the monitor features multiple BNC input ports. However, it's still possible to connect the multi CCTV camera system to one monitor even if the screen has only one input but the screen is supposed to be connected to a DVR controlling all cameras rather than straight to the camera.

    Can I use my PC monitor to connect my CCTV camera?

    Yes, theoretically the technology of displaying a video signal is the same. However, PC monitors do not feature necessary input ports that can be used with CCTV cameras. In such a situation. PC monitors usually use HDMI, VGA or DisplayPort ports so additional accessories such as adapters and converters are necessary.

    CCTV Monitors can help support a healthy building by improving Safety & Security

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