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    Personal Protective Equipment & Workwear

    Personal protective workwear comes under the umbrella of PPE (personal protective equipment) and is designed to ensure the safety of you and others using either protective materials or disposable attire, depending on the application. At RS, our range of personal protective wear includes protective clothing, footwear and equipment from trusted brands such as Dickies, 3M, DEWALT, Ansell and our own quality brand RS Pro. Browse our full range of protective clothing and safety footwear below.

    Why is it Important to Wear Protective Clothing and Equipment?

    Protective clothing exists to prevent injury and harm to all parts of the body including hands, arms, feet and the torso. As a matter of fact, under the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Regulations 2002, it is stated that employers operating an industrial business not only have the legal obligation to provide the necessary personal protective wear but are also responsible for the maintenance of the PPE so that they remain in good condition. For more information on personal protective equipment, refer to our Complete Guide to PPE.

    Types of Protective Clothing

    We understand the importance of quality and the legal requirements for protective equipment, so we stock a wide selection of protective clothing to ensure we can provide items to meet your specifications. Our range includes:

    • Overalls - cover the full body and are commonly used to protect wearers against dirt, dust, water and chemicals, available as reusable or disposable types.
    • Gloves - we stock a variety of disposable and reusable work gloves to protect hands in all types of industries and applications.
    • Jackets - there are many types of jackets within our range, popular types including hi-vis jackets, thermal jackets and waterproof jackets.

    Types of Protective Footwear

    Beyond personal protective clothing and wear, we also offer a comprehensive range of protective footwear products that offer great protection in the form of safety shoes, safety trainers, safety boots and wellingtons

    Types of Protective Equipment

    • Ear Protection - used for protecting your ears within noisy environments. There are different types of ear protection from ear defenders to earplugs. These are vitally important when exposed to loud noises.
    • Face Protection - designed to protect your face against hazardous substances that could cause harm. Types of protection include, safety glasses, face shields and PPE combination kits.
    • Fall Protection - designed to protect you when working at a height where PPE safety is vital in preventing fall hazards and fall protection is necessary.
    • Respiratory Protection - used to protect from breathing in harmful substances, such as dust, liquid and fumes. Respiratory protection includes disposable respirators, and respirator masks (FFP1, FFP2, FFP3).

    Buy Personal Protective Equipment Online

    As one of the world’s leading distributors of electronics, automation and control components, as well as protective equipment, you can rest assured that RS will deliver on all your personal protection needs. With an extensive range of products available in stock, find what you need from our one-stop platform.