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    Industrial Circular Connectors

    What is an Industrial Circular Connector

    Industrial Circular Connectors are heavy-duty connectors that are typically used in tough environments and feature multiple contacts housed in a circular body. Circular industrial connectors can be used in automating processes and industrial applications.

    Some of our range boast high IP ratings such as IP67, IP68 and IP69K, making them brilliant to design into a high moisture environment. Circular connectors for industrial and automation applications are multi-pin connectors that are typically based in a plastic or metal housing.

    Our range of Industrial Circular Connectors can be easily mounted via panel or PCB to get your project running. Typically our connectors come pre-built, however, we do offer a range that needs to be crimped and built. and are available in both plugs and socket types with straight or right angle cable entry.

    Circular Connectors Commonly Used Sizes

    Choosing the right size of industrial circular connector plug is crucial to ensure compatibility and optimal performance for your specific application needs. From standard to other plug types, there are a number for you to choose.


    The M12 circular connector is widely used for sensors and actuators in industrial automation, providing reliable connections in compact spaces.


    The M8 circular connector is ideal for tight spaces in automation and robotics, offering secure connections for miniature sensors and controls.


    The M23 circular connector supports high-power applications, commonly used in servo motors and industrial control systems for robust performance.


    The M9 circular connector is used in telecommunications and medical equipment, offering precise connections in small, delicate assemblies.


    Miniature circular connectors are perfect for applications requiring compact, lightweight connectors, such as portable devices and aerospace equipment.

    Circular Connectors Common Mounting Types

    PCB Mount Circular Connectors

    PCB mount circular connectors are designed to be soldered directly onto printed circuit boards, providing secure and compact connections for electronic components.

    Panel Mount Circular Connectors

    Panel mount circular connectors are installed on device panels, offering robust and stable connections for equipment interfaces and control panels

    Cable Mount Circular Connectors

    Cable mount connectors are attached to the ends of cables, allowing flexible and secure connections in various industrial and electronic applications.

    What are Industrial Circular Connectors used for?

    Typically they are used for data transfer, electrical signal transmissions, or for powering electrical devices using different connector standards. In some cases, circular connectors are designed to carry multiple types of data with power. These types of multi-pin connectors are used for simultaneous power and signal transmission.

    Industrial Applications of Circular Connectors

    Circular industrial connectors can be found in various areas including:

    • Factory and Industrial Automation: In factory automation, M12 circular connectors are used to link sensors and actuators for precise control of robotic arms.
    • Manufacturing: In manufacturing, industrial circular plugs connect machinery to control systems, ensuring seamless operation and data transmission.
    • Process Control: Process control systems utilise standard industrial circular connectors to integrate sensors and valves, maintaining optimal process parameters.
    • Industrial networking: Industrial networking relies on M23 circular connectors to establish high-speed, reliable connections between networked equipment.
    • Measurement and instrumentation: Measurement and instrumentation applications use circular PCB mount connectors to connect various measuring devices for accurate data collection.

    How to Order an Industrial Circular Connector from RS?

    RS is a trusted supplier of industrial circular connectors, offering products from renowned brands like RS PRO, Amphenol, Phoenix Contact, Binder, and TE Connectivity.

    To place an order, simply browse the extensive catalogue on the RS website, and filter the circular connectors based on your needs. You can filter via brands, plug types, connector sizes like m12 or m23, mounting options like panel or pcb mount, and more.

    Once you’ve found your desired industrial circular connector, simply add to cart and start the checkout process.

    How Delivery Works at RS Hong Kong

    We offer convenient delivery options to ensure you receive your order promptly.

    Note: Delivery is not available to GPO Box, Restricted Area, and Outlying Islands. For global stock and Product Plus products, please contact customer service.

    For more information, please visit our delivery page.

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