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      • Published 20 Sept 2023
      • Last Modified 20 Sept 2023
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    USB-C Guide: The Universal USB Connector Empowering Every Industry

    Discover the various types of USB-C cables.


    USB-C is the newest standard of USB connector available. With easier insertion, increased speed and power, USB-C will revolutionize every industry.

    Looking for a USB-C cable, connector, adaptor, or even an evaluation board to create your next design? RS Components have the USB-C products you need to keep you connected.

    Driving your USB-C solution

    Take the step to make your next design USB-C compatible with solutions from Texas Instruments. Benefit from the higher data rates and power delivery of the USB-C specification with a range of evaluation modules to take the complexity out of the challenge.

    Get to market faster and enjoy the benefits of USB-C

    Find your USB-C solution

    What is USB-C?

    While it may seem as through the Universal Serial Bus (USB) has been around forever it was only designed in 1996 and entered the mainstream in 1997. We are all familiar with the original rectangular connector for our computers and the smaller one for our phones and cameras but the new USB-C connector looks a little different and fixes some of the frustrations shared by users around the world.

    • When you try and plug it in it’s Always the other way round.
      • A USB-C connector works either way round.
    • Waiting for your photos to download.
      • USB-C data rates are considerably faster than earlier standards capable of over 10Gbps.
    • First plug in the power supply, then the USB cable…
      • Capable of handling the new Power Delivery standard (USB PD) USB-C able to be designed to transmit up to 100W.

    What is USB-C compatible with?

    USB-C is known for its universal utility, and it is compatible with and supported by most modern devices, such as Android phones, Windows PC, PS5, XBox Series X, and more. Apple has also begun to transition away from Lightning to USB-C in their latest iPhone model for increased data transfer and charging capabilities. Apple products compatible with USB-C include most iPads and all Mac laptops.

    Get ready to welcome USB-C cables and USB-C connectors to your computers, peripherals and future designs. Get ahead of the rest with the latest technology at RS.

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