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    Cases For Arduino

    An Arduino case is designed to store and protect an Arduino development board. Arduino boards are a type of printed circuit board containing a microprocessor, a programming interface and several additional input and output components, usually push buttons and LEDs (light-emitting diodes).

    Types of Arduino Cases

    Arduino cases come in different sizes to hold and protect different versions of Arduino boards such as the Arduino UNO case, Arduino Mega case and Arduino Due case. Arduino cases are usually moulded out of plastic in a range of colours. They have several impressions inside to accommodate the board's component parts including PCB pillar supports to align and position the Arduino development board. Some Arduino cases have a modular construction with removable covers or side panels for design flexibility, allowing more space for installing components and easy access to internal connections. Arduino cases are available for DIN rail mounting for use in applications such as heating control, lighting control and energy metering.

    Typical Features of Arduino Cases

    • Constructed from metal or robust plastic
    • Suitable for Arduino UNO, Arduino Mega and Arduino Due boards
    • Internal recesses for development board and components
    • PCB pillar supports to align and position the development board
    • Ventilation slots for dissipation of heat from the internal components
    • Cut-outs for accommodating Ethernet, USB and micro USB ports and power connector
    • LED apertures that allow status LEDs to be visible through the case
    • Wall mounting or DIN rail mounting features
    • Rubber feet
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