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    Dormer End Mills

    An end mill is a type of cutting tool that is used in milling applications. They have cutting edges on the end and sides of the shank, enabling them to cut in all directions.

    Material Compatibility

    Selecting the right material for your end mill is crucial as it directly influences the tool's performance and longevity. Different materials offer various advantages depending on the specific milling requirements and the material being machined. Here are the two popular materials used in end mills:

    High-Speed Steel (HSS) End Mills

    High-Speed Steel (HSS) end mills, often referred to as HSS milling bits, are renowned for their durability and versatility. Capable of cutting through various materials, they are well-suited for general-purpose milling tasks. These milling cutter bits are particularly effective for operations that require a sharp edge and good wear resistance, making them a staple in many machining environments.

    Carbide End Mills

    Carbide milling cutters are preferred for high-performance milling as they retain their hardness at high temperatures and offer superior wear resistance. Ideal for cutting cast iron or non-ferrous materials, these end mills ensure precision and are essential for tasks requiring a high degree of accuracy.

    Why Use an End Mill?

    The end mill removes material by their movement within the milling machine or from the cutter's shape.

    End Mill Flutes

    The number of flutes (spirals on the end mill) give different results:

    • Single flute end mills are often used for high-speed machining in the removal of materials in plastics or carbon fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP).
    • 2 flutes allow maximum space for chip ejection and are used for general milling operations.
    • 3 flutes on an end mill is an excellent choice for slotting, it has a larger cross-section and is used in general milling operations.
    • 4, 5, 6 and 8 flutes on an end mill can improve the surface finish if the feed rate remains the same. A greater number of flutes reduces chip load and produces a much finer finish.

    What Types of End Mills Are Available?

    End Cutting Types

    • Centre cutting end mills have one or more cutting edges at the tip to allow the user to plunge, drill or ramp into a cut.
    • Non-Centre cutting end mills have peripheral teeth that allow the user to side cut or contour an external surface.

    Shank Types

    • End mills with a plain shank are used with a collet style holder and are the most common shank type.
    • On the other hand, end mills with a Weldon shank have one or two flats with set screws in the holder that tighten on the flanks of flats to hold the mill to prevent it from rotating.

    Typical Applications of End Mills

    End mills are used in a wide range of manufacturing and engineering industries. Their typical applications include the following:

    • Profile Milling: This process involves shaping the outer boundary of a piece. End mills are perfect for creating detailed contours and shapes in materials, which is crucial in mould making and aerospace industries.
    • Face Milling: Used to create flat surfaces and smooth finishes on the workpiece. Face milling with end mills ensures excellent surface quality and dimensional accuracy, making it ideal for automotive and industrial machinery parts.
    • Tracer Milling: Tracer milling replicates parts or features by using a template or master model. End mills in this application are used primarily in the automotive industries for machining complex parts like gears and intricate housings.
    • Semi-finishing: Before the final finish, semi-finishing with end mills prepares the surface of the workpiece by removing excess material efficiently. This step is critical to ensure that the finishing process can be conducted more precisely and smoothly.
    • Finishing: The final milling process to achieve the desired surface finish and meet precise specifications. Finishing with end mills provides the high precision needed for parts in sectors like electronics and precision engineering, where exact measurements are crucial.

    How to Choose the Right End Mill

    To identify the right end mill for your specific needs, make sure to consider the following before ordering from our vast catalogue:

    • Material Compatibility: Match the material of the end mill with the material to be machined to prevent premature wear and breakage. For example, a 12mm end mill made from a specific material might be ideal for certain hard or abrasive substances.
    • Flute Configuration: Choose the number of flutes based on the desired finish and the material type. Fewer flutes are better for chip clearance in softer materials, while more flutes provide a finer finish on harder materials.
    • Cutting Parameters: Consider the depth of cut, speed, and feed rate carefully. Proper settings are essential to prevent tool failure and achieve efficient machining. Using milling tool bits with appropriate cutting parameters enhances performance and extends tool life.
    • Tool Coating: Opt for coated tools for increased performance in specific materials. Coatings can reduce wear and friction, allowing for higher cutting speeds and longer tool life.

    At RS Hong Kong, we take pride in being a leading supplier of end mills and a broad range of engineering and industrial hardware components. Our extensive inventory caters to various applications, ensuring you find exactly what you need—be it general-purpose milling tool bits or specialised end mills.

    Other than high-quality end mills, we also offer other components, such as heat shrink tubes, industrial sockets, and more. Browse through our catalogue today to find the components, tools, and equipment you need for your specific requirements.

    Delivery Options in Hong Kong

    By choosing to buy end mills from us, you can count on a variety of flexible delivery options to suit your needs. For next working day delivery, please refer to our Delivery pagefor more details on cut-off timings.

    For further details on global stock availability and our Product Plus items, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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