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    DC-DC Converters

    DC-DC converters are devices that convert the voltage of direct current (DC) from one level to another, making them essential for managing power supply in various electronic applications. Isolated DC-DC converters, in particular, convert a source of direct current (DC) from one voltage to another and contain an electrical barrier between the input and output to improve safety. They are suitable for a range of applications, including telecommunication equipment, industrial equipment, and consumer electronics.

    RS offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality converters from industry-leading brands, including TDK-Lambda, XP Power, Murata Power Solutions, Recom, and many more.

    What Are DC-DC converters Used For?

    Isolated DC-DC converters are used within equipment and devices containing different circuits or sub-circuits where it is necessary to convert the voltage of a DC supply from one level to another. For converting AC to DC, an AC-DC converter would be used.

    Types of Isolated DC-DC Converters

    Isolated DC-DC converters come in a wide range of input and output voltages in both single outputs and dual outputs. We also offer medical and railway-approved converters for safety-critical applications.

    Package or Module Types

    Isolated DC-DC converters come in many shapes and packages to suit every eventuality. Some of the most popular are:

    • DIP16
    • DIP24
    • PDIP
    • SIP
    • Encapsulated
    • Full and half brick

    Mounting Types

    DC-DC converters are used in many different environments and applications, so they need to be easy to mount or install. Our products come in a range of mounting options, including:

    • Chassis mount
    • DIN-Rail mount
    • Flange mount
    • PCB mount
    • Rackmount
    • Surface mount
    • Through-hole

    Benefits of Isolated DC-DC Converters

    • Meet international electrical safety standards and regulations.
    • Electrical DC isolation provides additional safety to personnel in case of internal failure.
    • Wide range of voltage conversion with high efficiency.
    • Certain models are railway- and medical-approved.

    Isolated vs. Non-Isolated DC-DC Converters


    • Isolated DC-DC Converters: Uses a transformer to achieve electrical isolation between input and output power
    • Non-Isolated DC-DC Converters: Allows direct connection of the input to the output without any current isolation


    • Isolated DC-DC Converters: Essential for critical applications such as medical equipment, data communications, and sensitive electronic devices where electrical isolation is necessary for ensuring safety, preventing interference, and protecting components
    • Non-Isolated DC-DC Converters: Best for less critical applications like consumer electronics, automotive systems, and general power supplies, where the input and output share a common ground


    • Isolated DC-DC Converters:Tends to be larger due to the inclusion of isolated DC-DC transformers and other components necessary for electrical separation.
    • Non-Isolated DC-DC Converters: Generally, more compact, as the lack of a transformer and related components reduces the physical size.


    • Isolated DC-DC Converters: Provides enhanced safety by minimising the risk of electrical shock and reducing interference from other system parts.
    • Non-Isolated DC-DC Converters: Has a lower safety profile due to the absence of an isolated DC-DC converter, posing a higher risk of noise interference.

    Complexity and Cost

    • Isolated DC-DC Converters: More complex and costly due to the inclusion of a transformer and isolation components.
    • Non-Isolated DC-DC Converters: Less complex and cheaper as they lack additional isolation components.


    • Isolated DC-DC Converters: Typically exhibits slightly lower efficiency due to energy losses inherent in the transformer
    • Non-Isolated DC-DC Converters: Boasts higher efficiency with minimal energy losses since a non-isolated DC-DC converter doesn’t require a transformer

    Factors to Consider When Choosing DC-DC Converters

    Here are important factors to consider when selecting the right DC-DC converter for your specific needs:

    • Input and Output Voltage Requirements: Ensure the converter can handle the required input voltage and provide the correct output voltage for your application. You can also use a current voltage calibrator along with the DC-DC converter to ensure accuracy in voltage specifications.
    • Power Requirements: Consider the power output of the converter to ensure it meets the demands of your device or system.
    • Isolation Needs: Determine whether your application requires electrical isolation between input and output.
    • Environmental Conditions: Check if the converter can operate under the environmental conditions, it will be exposed to, such as temperature extremes and humidity.
    • Size and Installation: Ensure the physical size of the converter fits within your available space.
    • Regulatory and Safety Compliance: Make sure that the supplier only provides products that meet all relevant regulatory and safety standards applicable to your industry or region.

    As the leading supplier in Hong Kong, we understand the diverse needs of our customers and provide a comprehensive range of DC-DC converters, including isolated and non-isolated options. Whether you’re looking for a switching mode power adaptor, MOSFET transistor, or DC-DC transformer, you’ll find reliable and high-quality products from our collection.

    Delivery Options in Hong Kong

    At RS Hong Kong, we ensure that our customers receive their DC-DC converters promptly and efficiently. Here are various delivery options to meet your specific needs:

    • Same-Day Delivery: Place your DC-DC converter order before noon during the weekdays to enjoy same-day delivery.
    • Next-Day Delivery: Orders placed on weekday afternoons, weekends and public holidays will be delivered the next working day.
    • Flexible Delivery Options: For DC-DC voltage converters that are not immediately required or when planning future projects, our flexible delivery service allows you to schedule a delivery on a specific day within the next 12 months.

    Please note that delivery services are unavailable for GPO Boxes, restricted areas or outlying islands. For express delivery services or to inquire about the global availability of specific supplies like isolated DC to DC power converters, please contact our Customer Service team at or 852 2421 9898.

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