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    DIN Rail Power Supplies

    DIN rail power supplies are electrical devices that take an incoming electrical current and convert it into the correct voltage, current, and frequency required for industrial equipment. Also known as electric power converters, DIN rail power supplies are reliable, efficient, and compact.

    DIN rail power supplies are a special type of power supply that is mounted onto a DIN rail. These electrical devices provide a convenient and space-saving solution for providing power to appliances used in process control, factory automation, power distribution, and other industrial applications.

    What is DIN Rail Mounting?

    DIN rail is a metal rail used to mount electrical devices in control cabinets, enclosures, racks, and panels. DIN rail is manufactured to conform to a specific set of standards outlined by the Deutsch Institut von Normen (DIN). Due to the uniform profile, it ensures electronic devices such as circuit breakers, relays, and power supplies can be sourced from several different manufacturers and suppliers, safe in the knowledge that all products can be mounted on the same rail.

    Benefits of DIN rail power supply

    As we mentioned before DIN rail power supplies are very versatile and come with various specifications and functions to suit your every need. Our power supply units offer the following features and benefits:

    Extensive range of power ratings

    DIN rail power supplies are available in a wide range of power ratings. Check out the features below:

    • Versatile power ratings: DIN rail power supplies come in a wide range of power ratings from 2.5 Watts to 1.5 kW, ensuring there's an option for any power need.
    • Universal AC input: DIN rail power supplies can handle a broad input voltage range from 90 to 264 V AC, making them adaptable to various power
    • Wide DC output range: DIN rail power supplies offer a selection of DC output voltages from 5V DC to 48V DC, suitable for different devices and systems.
    • Common voltage options: The availability of 12V and 24V DIN rail power supplies makes them easy to integrate into many existing setups.

    Easy connection, installation, and maintenance

    DIN rail power supplies are designed for straightforward connection and installation. Their standardised mounting system allows for quick and secure attachment to DIN rails, reducing installation time and effort. The clear labelling and accessible terminals ensure easy wiring and troubleshooting, thereby simplifying maintenance tasks.

    Robust and reliable performance

    Built to withstand harsh industrial environments, DIN rail power supplies offer consistent power delivery and high efficiency. Their durable construction ensures long-lasting operation, minimising downtime and the need for frequent replacements. These power supplies are manufactured to provide stable voltage and current, protecting connected devices from power fluctuations.

    Compact and lightweight design

    DIN power manufacturers have designed the rail power supply for applications where space is limited. Despite their small size, they do not compromise on performance or functionality. Their compact form factor allows for easy integration into tight spaces within control panels and enclosures, optimising space utilisation without sacrificing power capability.

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    Industrial applications of DIN Rail power supply

    DIN rail power supplies can be used in a multitude of applications across many industries. Some of the most common are:

    • Sensors: DIN rail power supplies provide power to various sensors used in industrial automation for monitoring temperature, pressure, flow, and other critical parameters. They ensure accurate data collection and reliable performance of the sensors.
    • PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers): These rail mount power supplies are crucial for powering PLCs, which are the brains behind automated systems. They ensure that PLCs operate consistently, controlling machinery and processes with precision.
    • Solenoids and Actuators: DIN rail power supplies are used to power solenoids and actuators, which perform mechanical movements in industrial This includes tasks like opening valves, moving parts, and controlling mechanisms.Know more about solenoid valves here.
    • Relays: DIN rail power supplies provide stable voltage to relays, which are used to switch electrical circuits on and off. Reliable relay operation is vital for controlling various processes and protecting electrical systems.
    • Motors: DIN rail power supplies deliver the necessary power to motors used in machinery and equipment. They ensure motors run smoothly and efficiently, supporting activities such as conveyor systems, pumps, and fans.
    • Transmitters/Receivers: In communication systems, DIN rail power supplies power transmitters and receivers that send and receive signals. This is crucial for maintaining communication in industrial environments.
    • Security and Alarms: Rail mount power supplies are used to power security systems and alarm devices, ensuring continuous monitoring and alerting in case of unauthorised access or emergencies. Reliable power is essential for the effectiveness of these systems.

    How to choose the right DIN rail power supply for your needs

    When selecting a DIN rail power supply from RS, consider several key factors to ensure the best fit for your application. Start by determining the required power rating, considering both the current and future needs of your system. Check the input voltage range to ensure compatibility with your power source, and select a power supply with the appropriate DC output voltage for your devices. Likewise, Look for features like overload protection, efficiency ratings, and environmental suitability, especially if the power supply will be used in harsh conditions.

    How to order DIN rail power supply from RS?

    RS Hong Kong is a trusted supplier and distributor of DIN rail power supplies in the region. We offer a comprehensive range of high-performance rail mount power supplies from leading brands and manufacturers, including Siemens, Mean Well, Phoenix Contact, TDK-Lambda, TRACOPOWER, XPPower, and of course RS PRO.

    To order a DIN rail power supply and other power supplies such as SMPWS switches, DC-to-DC voltage converters from RS Hong Kong, simply browse our extensive catalogue on the website. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the checkout process. Once your purchase is complete, you will receive an order confirmation via email with your order details and estimated delivery time.

    If you prefer assistance with ordering industrial DIN rail power supply or any other products, our customer service team is available to guide you through the selection and order placement process.

    How delivery works at RS Hong Kong

    At RS Hong Kong, we are committed to ensuring you receive your DIN rail power supplies on time. To qualify for same-day delivery, place your order between Monday and Friday before noon. Orders placed on Monday to Friday afternoons, weekends, and holidays will qualify for next-day delivery, applicable only to items in Hong Kong stock.

    Please note that same-day and next-day delivery services are not available for GPO boxes, restricted areas, and outlying islands. For any inquiries about Global stock and Product Plus, our customer service team is ready to assist.

    Check our delivery information for more details.

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