Pressure Gauge Adaptors

Pressure gauge adaptors enable the connection of a pressure gauge to a test hose, providing a safe and simple means of taking measurements in high, low or negative pressure systems. They permit quick and easy coupling of hydraulic pressure gauges and pressure gauge accessories and can be used in hydraulic, mineral oil or gas systems.

How do pressure gauge adaptors work?

With right size of pressure gauge adaptor you can connect pressure gauges directly to an application. Pressure gauge adaptors are compact in design with threaded connections and are typically made of steel. They have a swivel side that connects the dial in the correct orientation. They can be coupled and uncoupled under pressure without system shutdown.

Types of pressure gauge adaptors

Pressure gauge adaptors can have a male or female connection. A male-female adaptor is used for increasing or decreasing the thread size of pressure connection. Male-male coupling is for joining two male connections, such as a pressure gauge and gauge siphon. Pressure gauge adaptors are manufactured to different maximum operating pressures, with a range of thread options available.

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Description Price Manufacturer Series Connector A Connector B Maximum Operating Pressure Body Material Connector A - Thread Size Connector A - Thread Standard Connector B - Thread Standard Connector B - Gender Connector A - Gender Connector B - Thread Size
RS Stock No. 432-5555
Mfr. Part No.SMD 20 R 1/4 V
SMD G 1/4 Female M16 Female 630 bar Steel 1/4in G Metric Female Female M16
RS Stock No. 432-5599
Mfr. Part No.SMA 20 R 1/4 V
SMA G 1/4 Female M16 Male 630 bar Steel 1/4in G Metric Female Female M16