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    Check Valves

    Check valves prevent the reverse flow of fluids and gasses within a pipeline system. They are designed to allow fluid to flow one way through the pipeline. Due to the simple design, check valves generally operate without automation or human interaction and instead rely on the flow velocity of the fluid to open and close.

    Check Valve Types

    There are several types of check valves for just about any application. Some of the more popular types include:

    • Ball
    • Dual plate
    • Double door
    • Spring-assisted inline

    As with other valves, speciality check valves can be found for special applications.

    Check valves are found in almost any facility, from industrial plants to homes.

    What is a check valve?

    A check valve, also known as the one-way valve, is a device that allows the flow of fluids to move in one direction only. The main purpose of this check valve is to keep the fluid from flowing backwards in the system. Backflow may cause issues if the flow is contaminated and contaminates the media upstream.

    One-way check valve:

    This valve is spring-loaded. Pressure on the inlet side then overcomes the spring pressure and lifts the check ball or the disc off its seta. Then the air passes through valves to the outlet. This pressure when becomes greater at the outlet than at the inlet.

    A one-way valve is the control type used to give pressure, and the main function is to perfectly maintain the pressure of the pipeline. One way also means that the fluid can only go along the water inlet, but on the other end, the medium at the outlet cant flow back. You can also check Legris Check Valves

    Double check valve:

    The double check valves have an assembly consisting of two general check valves, all assembled in series. The double check valve comes in two features including:

    • If one of the check valves is in its jammed-open state, the other valve then takes over all the important functions
    • Closing the check valve reduces the pressure differential in other valves, allowing a tighter seal to existing and avoiding minor leakages.

    A double-check valve backflow preventer will help prevent back pressure and siphon age in different applications such as fire sprinklers and lawn irrigation. You can also check Georg Fischer Check Valves.

    Hydraulic check valve

    Check valves are a very simple form of hydraulic device that allows free oil flow in only one direction and block oil flow in its opposite direction. The check valves may also be perfectly used as pressure control or directional in the hydraulic system.

    The hydraulic valve uses a tapered valve core to improve sealing performance. When the oil circuit is needed to be closed, the valve is sued as a single-way locking of the oil circuit to maintain pressure perfectly.

    Other than this, there are Pneumatic Non-Return Valves.

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