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    Wireless Charging Coils

    Wireless charging coils are used for inductive charging and wireless charging. Wireless charging coils are installed into a device for the purpose of receiving a wireless signal that will be used to charge and power another device. They are a popular method for charging smart phones and tablets as they are not required to be plugged in, like a traditional charger.

    The coil is optimised for inductive charging. Wireless charging coils use an electromagnetic field between two devices to transfer energy. There are two functions, a transmitter and a receiver, with one beaming the field and the other receiving it. The transmitter and receiver must be on the same frequency. Please note that only devices with a compatible battery that will accept this type of charging.

    Where are wireless charging coils used?

    Wireless charging coils are used to charge portable devices such as:

    • Smartphones
    • Tablets
    • Wearables i.e. smart watches
    • Fitness trackers
    • Smart home i.e. heating controls
    • Medical devices
    • Clean rooms

    What are Qi wireless charging coils?

    Qi standard is an interface standard created by WPC. Qi is a standard of wireless charging coil which is popular with smartphone pad charging. Qi is pronounced "chee". They provide wireless power transfer over short distances or less than 4cm. Many popular consumer devices from Apple and Samsung use Qi compatible charging.

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