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    Aluminium Capacitors

    What Are Aluminium Capacitors

    Aluminium capacitors are a type of electrolytic capacitor. A capacitor is a two-terminal electrical component that can store energy, somewhat like a battery. Aluminium capacitors are polarised, meaning that the energy can only flow in a single direction. High purity grade Aluminium is used to create the anode foil and the cathode foil upon which electrolysis is applied to form an extremely thin insulating layer of aluminium oxide, which acts as the dielectric of the capacitor. Aluminium capacitors are found in many applications such as power supplies, computer motherboards and domestic appliances.

    Depending on the nature of the Electrolyte, capacitors may also be referred to as "wet" meaning they have a liquid electrolyte or solid. Solid Electrolytes may be hybridised with Aluminium but normally refers to Polymer or Tantalum based capacitors

    Types of Aluminium Capacitors

    Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors

    Electrolytic capacitors consist of an electrolyte which is a liquid or gel that consists of a large concentration of ions, and when voltage is applied across its terminals, it leads to charges being stored on the anode and cathode foils. The electric charge that can be stored by the capacitor is measured in Farads but usually in the range from nanofarads to millifarads. Aluminium capacitors are used where high capacitance values to provide smoothing and filtering functions in the circuit. Commonly used in DC Power supplies due to their large capacitance and their compact size which helps to reduce the ripple voltage. Aluminium Electrolytic capacitors have reasonable Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) but have the lowest leakage current from all capacitor types.

    Polymer Electrolytic Capacitors

    Polymer capacitors (also known as polymer electrolytic capacitors or polymer e caps) have conductive polymer as their electrolyte material within a layered aluminium design. These capacitors combine unique properties from the polymer material in terms of high conductivity, extended temperature range and no risk of drying out – to make a capacitor that offers large capacitance and very low ESR (equivalent series resistance) with high ripple current capability and offer a longer operating life. Polymer capacitors offer a lot of package options between 2.2 to 470 microfarad

    Hybrid Capacitors

    Hybrid capacitors (polymer hybrid aluminium capacitors) are a mix of wet electrolyte and solid polymer. In this sense, they combine the best of both electrolytes. These capacitors offer high endurance, low ESR, and a high tolerance for ripple current. Hybrid capacitors also feature stable electric characteristics at high frequencies whilst maintaining reliability. The liquid electrolyte keeps the leakage current very low and also allows self-repairing of the aluminium foils which prevent a drop in capacitance.

    Different Mounting Types of Aluminium Capacitors

    • Radial:Radial mount capacitors have leads extending from one side, resembling a radial pattern. They are mounted through holes on a printed circuit board (PCB) and are commonly used in compact electronic devices due to their small size and efficient performance.
    • Screw mount: Screw mount aluminium electrolytic capacitors feature a threaded stud at the base, allowing them to be securely fastened to a chassis or heat sink. This type is used in high-power applications where mechanical stability and effective heat dissipation are critical.
    • Screw terminal:Screw terminal electrolytic capacitors have terminal lugs or screws for easy and secure electrical connections. They are ideal for industrial and high-power applications, providing robust connections for high current and voltage circuits.
    • Snap-in: Snap-in aluminium capacitors have specialised terminals that "snap" into place on a PCB, providing quick and easy installation. These are commonly used in power supplies and other high-voltage applications where secure and rapid assembly is needed.
    • Surface mount: Surface mount aluminium capacitors are designed to be soldered directly onto the surface of a PCB without through-holes. They are used in high-density electronic assemblies, offering compactness and efficient use of board space.
    • Through hole: Through hole electrolytic capacitors have leads that pass through holes in the PCB and are soldered on the opposite side. This traditional mounting type provides strong mechanical bonds and is suitable for applications requiring durable and reliable connections.

    How to Order Aluminium Capacitors from RS

    RS is a trusted supplier of aluminium capacitors, offering a wide range of products from renowned brands such as CHEMI-CON, Cornell-Dubilier, and NIC Components. Whether you need an industrial electrolytic capacitor or a specific type like a radial capacitor, RS has you covered.

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    How Delivery Works at RS Hong Kong

    We offer convenient delivery options to ensure you receive your order promptly:

    Note: Delivery is not available to GPO Box, Restricted Area, and Outlying Islands. For global stock and Product Plus products, please contact customer service.

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