LED Bulbs

LED bulbs are frequently used in domestic, commercial and industrial areas as they are much more reliable than halogen, filament or incandescent lamps. LED light bulbs on average use 90% less power compared to incandescent bulbs as LEDs are more efficient in converting energy into light.

LED lamps are available as regular shaped bulbs with a screw or bayonet. RS Components stock a great range of LED bulbs including dimmable and non-dimmable LEDs and various colours such as cool white, cool daylight and warm white to meet all your lighting requirements.

Advantages of LED Bulbs:

  • Use very little energy
  • Instantly bright when switched on
  • Savings on running and replacements costs
  • Life spans ranging from 10,000 to 30,000
  • EU Energy Efficiency ratings from A up to A++
  • Dimmable features in some LED lamps
  • Varying Wattages perfect for different scenarios
  • Environmentally friendly

Popular Types of LED Bulbs include:

GLS LED bulbs are your traditional type of lightbulb and come in various sizes including pear-shaped, candle shaped, and golf ball shaped. GLS LED lamps like incandescent lamps have the same connection with either a B22 bayonet cap or an Edison E27 screw base and uses between 4-14 watts of energy compared to the incandescent equivalents of 40 to 100 watts.

Automotive LED light bulb used for lighting purposes in vehicle interiors and exterior parts. They can be single light sources or light arrays (light engines) consisting of multiple diodes. These LED lamps are used in most automotive applications including fog lights, instrument panels, mirror lights, indicator lights, entertainment heads and brake lights.

LED capsule lamps are a two-pronged light bulb typically small and recognisable by their oval shape at the top and square towards the bottom. Like any conventional bulb, an electrical current is run through the two prongs to produce a clear and typically white light. These can vary in strength and colour. Some capsule lamps have a dimming feature for great energy saving and control. Can be found in ovens, desk lamps, cabinets, projectors and medical equipment.

LED cluster lamps consist of LEDs that are grouped together to produce a bright light. They are also known for their durability and capacity to withstand vibrations and shocks, which makes them useful in a range of harsh environments.

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Description Price Lamp Base Wattage Colour Temperature Voltage Rating Incandescent Equivalent Wattage Dimmable Colour Tone Lamp Shape Luminosity Length Colour Rendering Diameter Sensor Life Hours
RS Stock No. 125-0701
Mfr. Part No.180687
E14 3 W 3000K 230 V 30W - Warm White Reflector 220 lm 66 mm - 39mm - -
RS Stock No. 206-8507
Mfr. Part No.4058075292673
E27 10 W 2700K 240 V 75W - Warm White Frosted - - - - - -
RS Stock No. 213-2842
Mfr. Part No.180601
GU10 4.8 W 5000K 230 V 25W - Cool White - - - - - - -
RS Stock No. 123-4886
Mfr. Part No.27435
GU10 5 W 6500K 240 V 50W - Daylight Reflector 345 lm 54 mm - 50mm - 15000h
RS Stock No. 204-4201
Mfr. Part No.929001237502
B22 4-40 W 2700K 220-240 V 40W - Warm White A60 - - - - - -
RS Stock No. 204-4200
Mfr. Part No.929001890002
E27 5-40 W 2700K 220-240 V 40W - Warm White Bulb - - - - - -