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    Tool Belts & Tool Pouches

    Tool Belts and Pouches make carrying tools easier, safer and more comfortable. Tool Belts and Tool Pouches provide a simple solution to keeping a small toolset organised and always ready to use, leaving hands free to work whilst remaining mobile on any job. Tool belts are designed for comfort, and are an ideal solution for any professional along with DIY enthusiasts alike. Belts and pouches come with accessories like webbing, clips, holders, pockets and loops along with screw & nail pouches and many more versatile solutions to suit a range of needs. Tool belts are an ideal addition to tool bags or boxes and help to keep you working efficiently.

    Along with tool belts and pouches, work belts are plain rugged belts made specifically for use in tough environments are perfect for the trades, professionals and DIY'ers alike as the robust construction ensures you will never be caught short on-site and provides a comfortable solution whilst often having the ability to add modular units allowing it to turn from a simple work belt into a more functional tool belt.

    What belts are made from?

    Tool Belts can be made from heavy-duty fabric or real leather and the padded design guarantees increased rigidness and comfort.

    Who uses Tool Belts?

    Tool belts are most commonly used by professionals such as:

    • Carpenters
    • Builders
    • Mechanics
    • Electricians
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