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    Rivet Guns

    Rivets Guns, also known as pneumatic hammers, are used as a permanent fastener in mechanical industries. It is a less costly and effective way of joining a structure. According to the requirement, rivets are available in many shapes and sizes.

    Types of Rivet Tools

    • Hand Rivet Tools - are ideal for a wide range of applications – including Repair & Maintenance, Roofing Flashing, Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning and Sheet Metal Construction.
    • Power Rivet Tools - Perfect for a wide range of applications and usage. These rivet guns are perfect for outdoor and indoor applications and are highly efficient and easy to use.
    • Rivet Guns - is a type of tool used to drive rivets.
    • Rivet Removal Tools - Removes rivets by drilling out only the head
    • Cordless Rivet Tools -Perfect for portability and for use on-site

    Typical applications of Rivet Guns

    There are many different types of rivet tools, such as slow-hitting and fast-hitting guns and a variety of manual tools, plus a wide range of riveting accessories to achieve the desired finish for the task in hand. Riveting is a very useful way of creating a permanent connection from one material or join to another, and it is relatively cheap in comparison to using nuts and bolts. There are many industries that rivets and riveting tools are used in:

    • Industrial Manufacturing
    • Aircraft Manufacturing
    • Automotive and Bodywork Repair
    • Engineering
    • Construction
    • DIY
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