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    Combination Squares

    Among measuring instruments, combination squares hold a prominent place. You will be able to use them for taking multiple measurements. For example, you can use a combination square to measure a 45 degree angle, a 90 degree angle, find depth, measure the distance to center in a circular object, and for other usual distance measurements. Some of the combination squares come along with a spirit level as well.

    What is a combination square?

    A combination square is a versatile adjustable measuring tool that quickly and accurately measures objects for precise work. A combination square is an essential tool for any toolbox, more used for meticulous work than production work. This hand tool comes in various sizes ranging from small ones you can keep in your pocket to larger heavy-duty ones that come with all the attachments for bigger jobs. If you feel that a combination square can be useful, you may go ahead and purchase a combination square set from our store.

    The construction of a Combination Square

    There are numerous parts, which make up a combination square. Whether you get a fixed combination square or an adjustable combination square, you will be able to find these key components in it. They include:Square head (also known as a mitre head or an anvil) – has a slot which the rule fits through which is locked in place by a screw. Made from die-cast alloy, aluminum, cast iron (strong and resistant to oils and chemicals). More expensive ones are made of forged and hardened steel.Rule or blade - manufactured from steel or hardened and tempered steel, accurate markings (metric and imperial) etched into the steel rules, thicker steel blades are better.Level bubble vial – acts as a spirit level.Protractor head – used to set and mark angles.Centre Finder – easily indicates the centre of a round object.Scriber to mark lines – usually inserted in the end.The heads need changing in order to use the other devices. They are precision instruments which need to be stored carefully as damage to the tool can cause inaccuracies.

    How to use a combination square?

    As mentioned earlier, a combination square is one of the most versatile measuring devices that you can use. That's because you can use it for taking a variety of measurements. Here are some of the most common measurements that you will be able to take with the help of your combo square or Starrett square. Measuring straight lines perpendicular to an edgeMeasuring 90 degree and 45-degree angles, drawing lines parallel to the edge, easy to layout triangularAdjustable depth for repetition marking and scribingMarking a line around a post or bean for cuttingFind centre of a round object, for example, dial or rodMeasuring the depth of a grooveDetermining flatnessSetting bits and blades, for example, the height of bladeUse the rule/blade on its own as a ruler Fine-tune a machineProjector heads - finds any angles you requireSome have to spirit levels on the tool ideal for small jobs

    Should you get a combination square?

    If you are looking for a device that can help you with taking the above-mentioned measurements, a combination square would be a great option to consider. By purchasing a combination square, you can overcome the need to purchase a variety of other instruments, such as a ruler, a protractor, and a measuring level. Therefore, you can actually save your money by going for a combination square.

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