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    Insert Kits

    Insert kits are used when placing inserts (bushing) into objects to add threaded holes. They are also useful in cases where additional holes are needed, for example in very soft or thin material to distribute pressure evenly. These kits are further used to repair stripped holes in machinery and equipment.

    Insert kits contain items like inserts, crimp nuts, insert tools, mandrels and nose bushes. The inserts are nickel-plated and are made from brass or steel.

    What are insert kits used for?

    Insert kits are used to securely place threaded bushes into thin sheet metal products. They are suitable for use in moulded-in or drilled openings. Inserts can be installed by using standard presses or with hammer-in actions.

    Types of insert kits

    Insert kits contain accessories including:

    • Crimp nuts, used for fixing screws from the front of the panel if rear access is impossible, and to offer resistance against vibration or rotation
    • Insert tools, used to thread or place inserts into holes
    • Mandrels, which are similar to chucks and are used to grip objects securely while the inserts are installed.
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