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    Circlip Kits

    Circlip kits contain a selection of common sized circlips which is extremely helpful if you are not sure what size or type of circlip you need for future jobs. Our kits usually include a variety of common sized retaining rings, as well as a range of internal, external, and E-clips to provide greater flexibility to the user.

    Circlips are a type of fastening that consist of a semi-flexible, open-ended metal ring. To fasten them, the ends of the ring are snapped into place on a machined groove, to allow mechanisms to rotate or pivot, while preventing lateral movement. Circlip kits consist of a range of differently sized circlips that cater for different needs.

    How to use a circlip kit

    The semi-flexibility of circlips means they are generally used to keep components fitted on housings or shafts where some movement is required. Circlips are stamped out of sheet metal, meaning that they have one rough and one smooth side. They should be secured with the smooth side facing inward, so that the outward-facing rough side can prevent damage. They can be removed, but only with the use of specialised pliers. Kits contain a range of circlips, allowing you to select the right size and type for your purpose.

    Types of circlips

    There are broadly two types of circlips available in circlip kits:

    • Internal circlips are fitted inside a bore and exert pressure outwards.
    • External circlips are fitted over a shaft and exert pressure inwards.
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