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    Fibre Optic Lapping Film

    Fibre optic lapping film is an abrasive consumable used during the processing and polishing of fibre optic connectors. The film is produced in sheet form, and the base is typically made of polyester substrate.

    Fibre optic lapping film is coated with a precision abrasive like aluminium oxide, diamond, silicon carbide, silicon oxide or cerium oxide. The adhesive backing may be pressure sensitive or non-pressure sensitive.

    What is fibre optic lapping film used for?

    Fibre optic lapping film is used to provide a smooth, consistent finish to the tips (ferrules) of the optical fibre connectors which improve the transmission of light and signal particles.

    These lapping films are custom accessories used in the telecommunications market for instance with fibre optic machinery.


    ypes of fibre optic lapping films

    Fibre optic lapping films are categorised by their mineral adhesive, for instance, foil, diamond silicone among others. This lapping film is available in various diameters with different grades or grit ranges dependent on the size and specifications of the fibre optic connectors to be polished. Fibre optic lapping films are available in a range of colours.

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