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    LED Drivers

    LED drivers, sometimes referred to as LED power supplies or LED transformers, are modules designed to regulate and provide power to LED components. They are used for regulating LED lighting systems in domestic or commercial environments. LED transformers are designed for powering LEDs with a higher output wattage. You can learn more in our LED drivers guide.

    The LED driver is a self-contained power supply that regulates the AC current power to the low DC voltage LED. They ensure that a constant flow of power is maintained even as the LED's electrical properties change with increased temperature. The driver will respond to temperature changes in the LED, ensuring that it does not overheat, which can cause flickering or poor performance.

    Constant Current vs. Constant Voltage

    Constant current LED drivers maintain a constant current throughout the electronic circuit but vary in voltage. They are ideal for powering high-power LEDs as they maintain the same current.

    Constant voltage LED drivers maintain a constant voltage. They are ideal for LEDs in a string, for example LED strips. Constant voltage drivers work best with LED products that already have current control, such as a resistor.

    Dimmable Drivers

    Dimmable LED drivers are also available for dimming control. These can be used to dim LED lighting to the desired level, making them very useful in commercial mood lighting. Dimming operations include 0 to 10V, DMX and DALI.


    The RS Range of LED drivers includes models with various input/output levels and configurations to suit your LED lighting array. They are also available in a variety of ingress protection levels, meaning that your lighting set up needn't be hindered by environmental factors.

    IP Rating The Comprehensive Guide To IP Ratings

    The IP rating of an LED driver represents its water resistance. Lower numbers such as IP20 are best suited for indoor use. IP44 is suitable for use in areas that may come into contact with water splashes, such as LED strip lighting in a kitchen. IP67 LED drivers are rugged and are ideal for use outdoors where they could become submerged in water.

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