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    PS/2 Cables

    PS 2 cables enable mice and keyboard connections to compatible computer systems. The cable assembly fits into the PS 2 port, which is a 6-pin mini-DIN connector. When you are trying to connect peripheral devices to the computer, you will come across the need to buy a PS 2 cable and use it. The PS 2 interface designs are electrically similar, and the cable assemblies are distinguished by green coloring for mice and purple for keyboard connection ports. RS offer a selection of high-quality devices for all your computing needs.

    What are PS 2 cables used for with PS 2 Port

    PS 2 cables were previously used to connect mice and keyboards to computers from the IBM Personal System/2 series. They have since been replaced with USB. In the manufacturing and production industries, PS 2 cable assemblies are still used to connect mice or keyboards to switch boxes and multiplexors. They are also used in data centers with switching applications where one keyboard, mouse and monitor combination controls multiple computers simultaneously.

    Types of PS 2 cables

    Types of PS 2 cable assemblies include mice cables, keyboard cables. extender cables. Our assemblies are available in various lengths with male and female Mini-Din connectors.

    PS 2 cables are made from PVC materials with aluminum foil screenings on the inside. PS 2 cables can be either shielded (single insulation) or double shielded (two insulation layers), to increase strain relief and cable protection.

    What made PS 2 cables popular?

    Back in the day, using a PS 2 was the best and the easiest technology available for the people to connect a keyboard and a mouse to the computer. Using a PS 2 cable is not the most practical thing that you can do as of now. That’s because they are replaced by more advanced USB cables. However, older computers are still using PS 2 connector ports.

    One of the drawbacks associated with PS 2 cables is that they are only capable of connecting two different devices at the same time. Even if a splitter is used, it is not possible to connect them to multiple devices. This was considered as a legacy port during the early 2000s. When the USB cables were introduced around that time, people were impressed with the benefits that they could achieve. As a result, they started to drop using PS 2 cables.

    However, it is still possible for you to find some motherboards that come along with in-built PS 2 ports. If you are using any such device, the best thing that you can do is to purchase a PS 2 cable and connect your compatible peripherals. Or else, you may think about connecting it with a PS 2 to USB conversion cable.

    Get the best PS 2 cable for your PS 2 connector

    If you have a newer keyboard or a mouse, you will be able to use a USB to PS 2 adapter to connect. That’s because purchasing peripheral devices with a PS 2 port is quite challenging as of now. But if you can find, you will be able to purchase a PS/2 cable male to male from our store and start using it. You can also purchase a PS 2 cable to USB cable with us. No matter what, we offer the highest quality PS 2 wires for anyone. Go ahead and start browsing through what we have got for sale.

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