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    Sounder & Beacon Accessories

    For people to have adequate time to evacuate the premises in the event of an emergency, the danger must be notified as soon as possible. In that case, people rely exclusively on sounders and beacons. Sounders and beacons are typically used in fire alarm systems with two or four wires that emit audible signals or provide visual signals when activated.

    These devices, available separately or as combined units, will activate in unison when wired into the same circuit as your fire alarm system. Large rooms often require multiple units to be installed on a ceiling or wall.

    Sounders and beacons are indispensable as they promote safety and awareness across many business sectors including construction, and correct installation can be vital for compliance.

    Mounting accessories applications and uses

    Mounting accessories can be used for a variety of sounders and beacons including fire warning products, stacking lights and tower lights.

    They're used to fix or mount your equipment to walls, vehicles or ceilings.

    You can choose from a variety of mounting accessories, including:

    1. Wall brackets

    Wall brackets can be an invaluable solution for securing items to any wall. These robust fixtures are designed to securely attach items such as sounders, beacons and more on a vertical surface providing excellent support and a sturdy mount for larger items.

    Wall brackets come in various sizes and materials, making it easy to find one that suits the weight of the item being mounted as well as the aesthetic of the space. Right-angle options are available for corners and include designs with holes for feeding through cables.

    2. LED traffic light mountings

    LED traffic light mountings are an integral component of the overall safety of any roadway. They are best suited to car park management, factory traffic control, and automatic gate or door control systems. Constructed from high-grade materials such as aluminium, steel and polycarbonates, these robust mountings must be chosen with precision and should be expected to meet or exceed local regulatory standards.

    As part of a comprehensive traffic control system, LED mountings need to securely position the signal head at the required height, in a serious impact-resistant structure capable of withstanding harsh elements such as heavy winds, corrosion and extreme temperatures.

    3. Powered bases

    Power bases are primarily used for supplying power to sounders and beacons. Includes wall-mountable options, best for signalling within open areas, corridors and passages. They provide a reliable, long-lasting source of power for beacon or sounder devices that offer ideal detection solutions for businesses such as fire alarm and evacuation systems, access control notification systems, or automated production processes.

    Their resistance to harsh weather conditions makes them an ideal choice for outdoor installations.

    4. Mounting stems

    Mounting stems are used for mounting your beacon on utility vehicles, agricultural vehicles, construction vehicles or fleet vehicles. They are essential components of safety systems, both in the marine and industrial sectors.

    The choice of vertical or horizontal mounting options provides greater flexibility when positioning the alarm systems in different areas. The various types available make them suitable for a wide range of applications while conforming to international requirements and standards. Their tight sealing ensures protection against dust or water ingress, helping to optimise safety in hazardous environments.

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