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    Pipe Sealants

    • Pipe sealants are types of adhesives predominately used in plumbing applications to connect pipes and other threaded connections. It is possible for these leaks to cause considerable damage, leading to costly repairs if left unattended.They are manufactured to create a secure connection via a permanent seal bridging the space between two connecting components.Pipe sealant is also applied onto the inside of connection fittings and onto the threaded end of pipes before attaching the two pieces together. Once set they prevent water and gas leakage. Our offer includes various compound forms, they include Gel, Paste and Liquid.

      Pipe Thread Sealant

      As the name implies, pipe thread sealant is a chemical compound used to seal threaded pipe connections, thus preventing fluid leakage.You are sure to find a variety of pipe thread sealants in the market that are designed for industrial purposes, although it is worth noting that they can also be used in your home.Compounds such as these prevent pipe threads from leaking, even under harsh conditions, making threaded connections leak-proof.Pipe thread sealants generally fall into two categories.PasteTapePipe Paste Sealants can be applied with either a brush or fingertips firmly on both female and male threads. Some people refer to them as pipe dope compounds.While on the other hand, tape thread sealants eliminate the clutter of paste sealants. Rather than containing solvents, these sealants are made into films that are sold in rolls with different thicknesses, densities, and widths. It is easy to apply them simply by wrapping tape around the threaded parts and pressing them into place, as they contain polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).High-quality products such as RS PRO Pipe Sealant liquid eliminate leaks by never shrinking, cracking, creeping, or shredding. The seals also resist vibration and shock loads and are burst-resistant at most points within a piping system. Finally, these pipe sealants eliminate assembly squeaks while preventing corrosion and galling.

      Popular types of sealants

      There is a range of popular sealants such as:Pipe Paste SealantsGaskets SealantsThread SealantsPipe Sealant CordLeak SealersAdhesive Patch KitsFeatures and BenefitsSingle component means quick and easy to applyNo mixing requiredPrevents and stops leakagesGives corrosion protection to the threadUse on any size pipe fitting and sealFills space threaded metal partsProvides a greater seal than pipe-sealing tapeApplicationsPipe Sealants have a wide range of industrial applications such as plumbing, maintenance, repair and DIY.

      Best way to use pipe sealants?

      Ensure that all surfaces inside and out are clean and prepared.Seal the male thread with pipe sealant, but leave the first thread free of sealant. Make sure to seal both male and female threads if you're working with larger threads.Connect the male and female threads. Use a pipe or wrench to tighten them as necessary.Finally, clean up. For a neat, clean joint, remove excess pipe sealant before drying.

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