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    Stanley, 0 → 250Nm, 1/2 in Drive, Square Drive

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    Discontinued product
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    Dial Torque Wrench

    These Stanley dial torque wrenches have large easy to read dials which are protected by a metal guard. The narrow head design enables access into restricted work areas. Dial torque wrenches are widely considered as one of the most accurate to use and an essential tool in torque measurement. These measuring instruments can be used as an assembly tool, but are best used as a quality control instrument to verify or monitor torque. Designed for torque auditing and measurement applications and an alternative solution to a digital wrench for performing a quick visual torque verification test. As well as regular use in the automotive industry, these tools are used in the aerospace and defence industries.

    Torque wrenches are tools used to prevent over-tightening when fastening locking nuts and bolts and are an important hand tool to have in your tool kit. These precision tools allow fasteners to be tightened to the correct tension thus avoiding damage from over tightening or joints coming apart from under tightening. They are used for accurate torque settings which is important for safety, assembly and performance of equipment. Torque wrenches need to be calibrated regularly so that they are giving accurate readings.

    The range includes the following dial torque wrenches from Stanley with various torque ranges (Nm)
    264-2195 - 3/8 in Square Drive Mechanical Torque Wrench, 0 to 30Nm
    264-2202 - 1/4 in Square Drive Mechanical Torque Wrench, 0 to 10Nm
    264-2218 - 1/2 in Square Drive Mechanical Torque Wrench, 0 to 250Nm
    264-2224 - 3/8 in Square Drive Mechanical Torque Wrench, 0 to 70Nm

    Features and Benefits:

    Meets the requirements of the USA Government Specification GGG-W-00686c with calibration certified and traceable to the US National Institute of Standards and Technology
    Accuracy ±4% in both directions over a range from 20 to 100% of full scale
    Patented torque beam design will withstand up to 20% overload without losing calibration
    Overall length means the operator does not have to exceed 125lbs. input force at normal torque range 75Nm
    Large easy to read dials, protected by a metal guard, enable easy torque readings in SI or Imperial units
    Narrow head design enables access into restricted work areas
    Supplied in storage box

    Typical Applications:

    Dial Torque Wrenches are a type of wrenches/drive designed to apply a specific torque to a fastener. Torque wrenches are usually equipped with a ratcheting mechanism allowing for constant work without refitting the wrench after every turn of the bolt. Speciality Torque wrenches are commonly used by professionals such as car mechanics, engineers, builders and serious DIY enthusiasts.

    Is this wrench extendable or is it fixed length?
    This wrench has a fixed length.

    What is the torque range of this wrench?
    264-2195 - 0 to 30Nm
    264-2202 - 0 to 10Nm
    264-2218 - 0 to 250Nm
    264-2224 - 0 to 70Nm


    Torque wrenches are precise measuring devices which require care in handling. Always place tool in storage box after use. Do not use cheater bars, hammers, or any other damaging object. It is recommended that micrometer wrenches are stored at 20% of full reading to maintain accuracy. All torque wrenches should be recalibrated at least once a year, more frequently depending on usage.


    Torque Range0 → 250Nm
    Drive ShapeSquare
    Drive Size1/2 in
    Overall Length550 mm
    Accuracy±4 %
    Scale Graduations5Nm
    MaterialAlloy Steel
    Discontinued product