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    Create and manage quotes against our range of over 650,000 products.

    Getting Started with MyQuotes

    3. Upgrade to Quotes Plus

    RS Quotes Plus is the best place to manage all of your quotes. Benefit from using our advanced QuotePlus features by upgrading for FREE.

    • Create a quote instantly against our range of over 650,000 products
    • Manage multiple quotes simultaneously
    • Fix prices on any quote for 30 days
    • Redeem any existing online quotes
    • Negotiate a better price for larger orders
    • Share a quote with a colleague

    Complete your details to upgrade

    Creating Quotes

    Create a Quick Quote

    1. Search and add all the products you require a quote for into the Basket.
    2. Scroll to the bottom of the basket and click the 'Quick Quote' button.
    3. Add your email address to the popup box to send your pdf quote to your inbox.

    **IMPORTANT: This feature is only available to customers that are logged in and have Quotes Plus setup. **

    Go to Basket

    Alternatively upload my parts list (bill of materials)

    1. Download Template

    To create a new quote, go to my Quotes, download the example template and input the stock numbers, MPNs and/or descriptions of each product. You can upload a parts list (bill of materials) up to 500 lines or a file size no larger than 256KB.

    2. Upload Data

    Once you have uploaded your parts list (bill of materials) or manually entered the line required, you will need to ensure that the data is in a format that can be easily matched.

    If you have chosen to Upload a File, you may have the option to ignore some headings and start matching your parts list (bill of materials) from the product data you have entered i.e. RS Stock Number, Manufacturer Part Number, etc.

    You will now be required to select the relevant headings for the data you have entered. This will ensure the results returned on the parts list (bill of materials) that has been scrubbed are relevant and the best matches found. Please note that the quantity field is mandatory, as well as either the RS Stock Number, Manufacturer Part Number or Description fields.

    Please note, only columns with headings selected will be taken forward for matching.

    When saved, your parts list (bill of materials)/ quote will be available for you to view at any time within My Quotes area. You can choose to save and return to it later to at any time.

    Alternatively, you are able to opt to Type in Details, such as Cost Centres, Part Numbers and Target Price information if required.

    3. Match Products

    Once you have loaded your parts list (bill of materials) to be matched, you can get a quote. This will match against the entire product range of over 750,000 products. When matched, your list of products will be shown as a traffic light system.

    • Green – your product that you entered is a match.
    • Amber – these are products that we think matches the information you have given us, such as Description, Manufacturer Name, or it may be that we offer a different option. If the potential match is acceptable for you, please click Accept.
    • Red – we cannot find a match against the information you entered and are looking for, or we do not sell that particular product as part of our core range. However, you may **Edit Details **to enter more details for us to find and provide a match for you.

    If you have lots of products on your matched list you can select how you wish to view them:

    • Show all matches
    • Show only 'Accepted' matched only
    • Show Potential Matches only
    • Show Un-Matched Only

    The latest price and stock availability will be shown for the first matched item. Click View Full Product Details to see price and stock availability for additional lines.

    4. Place an order or request further matching

    When you are happy with your matches you have 3 options available for you:

    • Add accepted items to your Shopping Cart
    • Fix the prices for 30 days
    • Request Full Quotation

    Adding accepted items to your order pad will enable you to continue to check out and order online in the normal way.

    If you choose to 'Fix Prices for 30 days', your quote will then be listed in your 'My Quotes' tab where all of your quotes will be. This quote will now have a reference number and will show the price of the quote, excluding GST and the date the quote is valid until.

    If you wish to negotiate further discounts with our Flexible Pricing Team or require further product matching, select 'NEGOTIATE on large orders' option. You will then be shown a pop-up window asking for the date you require a response by and you are able to add comments as you wish.

    Create a quote in MyAccount

    Managing & Redeeming Quotes

    Managing your quotes

    Managing your quotes is easy. You can easily search for a quote using the quote reference number or within a date range.

    In your ‘My Quotes’, all of your quotes will be visible here or until you choose to delete them. Each quote will be displayed with the quote reference name, quote reference number, date created, status of your quote and a fixed price, with valid to date if you have chosen to fix prices or negotiate.

    Under the Quotes Actions in ‘My Quotes’ area, you also have the option to Download to request a copy of your quote. You will also have the option to Send to Colleague for information, as a PDF attachment.

    If you wish to contact the Flexible Pricing team to negotiate on price, then select Negotiate. A pop-up window will show, asking for the date you require a response by and you are also able to add comments as you wish.

    Any of your quotes that have a status of “in progress” are currently being dealt with by our Flexible Pricing team to try to offer you the best possible price. Your quote is not available to view whilst the ‘in progress’ status is shown. If your quotes are ready and available to be redeemed the selection to Redeem would be available.

    Go to Basket

    Redeem your quote

    If you wish to redeem your quote, go to your My Quotes, search for your quote and select Redeem. If you wish to proceed, click Order Accepted Items. You will then be taken to your order form, where you can continue to checkout online in the normal way.

    Please note that you are able to redeem your quote(s) multiple times, as long as your quote(s) is/ are within the expiry/ validity date, as stated.

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