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    Ideal Diodes

    Ideal diodes and Ideal diode controllers are compact semiconductor devices used to protect your system or design against reverse voltage or reverse current. The space-saving components notably reduce the energy often lost across the forward voltage drop of traditional silicon or Schottky diodes. RS offer a wide range of high-quality devices from leading brands including Maxim Integrated, Analog Devices and Linear Technology.

    What is an Ideal Diode?

    An ideal diode is a semiconductor device that performs how a perfect conductor should. When a positive voltage is applied across the anode (+) terminal to the cathode (-) terminal the ideal diode conducts the flow of current instantly forward. When the voltage is applied in reverse the diode conducts no current at all.

    What is an Ideal Diode Controller?

    An ideal Diode controller is a device that drives an external N channel MOSFET to mimic an ideal diode with a very low voltage drop and an insignificant reverse current.


    These compact semiconductor devices are used in a wide range of applications and designs in the electronics industry. The board mount IC components are available in a range of input voltages, mounting types, pin counts and industry-standard package types to suit your every need. Some of the most common areas are

    • Telecom and networking
    • Data centres and servers
    • Linear control
    • Redundant power supplies
    • Overvoltage and overcurrent protection
    • Controllers and actuators
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