Touch Screen Controllers

Touch screen controllers are data converters which convert user actions on a screen to signals that can be read by a device. These controllers plug into sensors that communicate touch actions electronically, enabling the use of a touch screen device as an input mechanism in place of a mouse or keypad.

What are touch screen controllers used for?

Touch screen controllers are used in ATMs and point of sale equipment as well as in smart technology devices such as tablets, mobile phones, laptops and Kindles. Touch screen controllers are also standard in the manufacturing and engineering industries where display screens act as control panels for machinery and specialised equipment.

Types of touch screen controllers

Touch screen controllers come in two types: capacitive and resistive.

Capacitive touch screen controllers are compatible with screen panels coated with indium tin dioxide. The film coating conducts a constant electrical current across a sensor to pick up on any change in electrical charge when the screen is touched.

Resistive touch screen controllers produce an electrically resistive layer. The changes in resistance on this layer are identified as touch events, which are picked up by the controller for processing of data. 

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