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    Pneumatic Soft Start Valves

    A pneumatic soft-start valve enables downstream pressure to slowly increase back into a pneumatic system. Soft start valves can prevent cylinders, actuators and other pneumatic equipment from being irreversibly damaged. RS offer a range of high-quality valves from leading brands including SMC, Festo and Legris.

    Why are pneumatic soft start valves important?

    Industrial pneumatic systems are often complex and depending on the application they can have varying numbers of air cylinders and other air actuators all running at different times and speeds. If maintenance or repair is needed all compressed air must be completely exhausted from machinery, airlines, air valves and air cylinders. This is essential for engineers to work safely.

    The industrial pneumatic air mains supply is pressurized to 100psi and above. It is essential that this high-pressure air is not opened fully straight away. If air at full volume and pressure was introduced straight away it could have disastrous and costly results.

    How does a pneumatic soft-start valve work?

    Soft start valves work by opening the airflow slowly, gradually allowing a low flow of compressed air into the complete system. This ensures that the various actuators are brought up to full operating pressure slowly and safely. When all equipment is up to a threshold line pressure the soft-start valve will open fully allowing full compressed air back into the system for machines to work properly.

    Our soft start valves are available in selection specifications including body materials, flow rates, threaded inlet port sizes and pressure ratings to suit a range of pneumatic control and automation applications.

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