Spotlights & Downlights

Spotlight and downlights are different forms of lighting typically found in ceilings. They are integral to providing the required light to a variety of rooms creating the perfect mood setting and enhancing your environment. Spotlights and downlights can add a touch of style and theatre turning an average space into to great space.

What is the difference?

The terminology for these lights at times can be intertwined because they are individual lights, share the same bulbs and located in the ceiling. As a general rule Spotlights are a series of lights linked together with a fixing plate or bar. Each of these spotlights can be individually position to shine light on a wall or an object.

Downlights are single integrated lights that recess into a ceiling cavity. They are typically a fixed position downlight however, we offer a selection of adjustable options.

What are they also known as?

They are also known as; LED spotlights, ceiling spotlights, recessed spotlights, and spotlight bar, ceiling downlights, LED downlights and recessed downlights.

What type of bulbs are supplied?

Our spotlights and downlights are supplied with a choice of bulbs example GU10: Halogen glass body or LED glass body.

Types of finish

We offer a range of finish, for example; brushed aluminium, chrome, nickel and silver for a more dramatic appearance or white for a clean fresh look.

Are they easy to install?

Yes, they are relatively easy to install and can be carried out by an accomplished DIY enthusiast, however, an approved electrical engineer should always be the preferred option.


Spotlights and downlights are the ideal solution to create the ambience required in shops, kitchen and bathroom. Create the perfect space with our range spotlights and downlights.


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