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    Crimp Tools

    A crimping tool, crimp tool, crimper, wire crimper or cable crimper is a hand tool used to crimp connectors onto wires or cables to create a secure and reliable electrical connection. Crimping tools consist of a pair of handles that operate the tool when squeezed together and jaws or dies with dedicated crimping profiles to hold the connector in place. Some tools have a ratchet crimping mechanism to maintain consistent crimping pressure and ensure the connector is fully crimped before the handles are released.

    Types of Crimping Tool

    Mechanical Crimping Tools or Plier Crimp Tools are the most common and are handheld and manually operated.

    Hydraulic Crimping Tools: Hydraulic Crimping Tools use hydraulic pressure to assist with crimping allowing them to be used on large cables and connectors.

    Pneumatic Crimping Tools: Pneumatic crimping tools use compressed air to operate the crimping mechanism.

    Crimping Machines: Crimping Machines are designed to automatically crimp large volumes of wires for production lines.

    Some crimping tools are designed to crimp specific connector types such as Ferrule Crimpers, RJ45 Crimping Tools and BNC Crimp Tools. Other crimp tools use interchangeable dies or jaws to accommodate different connector types for added versatility. Crimping tools are used in a wide range of industries including electrical, automotive, aerospace and telecommunications.

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