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    PCB Milling Equipment

    PCB milling equipment supports the milling process, which involves the removal of copper from printed circuit boards. There is a wide range of PCB milling equipment, including drilling plywood board, relay boxes, and martyr plates. In addition, stripboard cutters are another excellent tool to achieve precise electrical breaks in copper tracks.

    How should PCB milling equipment be used?

    When a technodrill is used for milling and drilling, plywood board should be used to protect the technodrill table. This is typically available in a set, and the boards consist of compressed bounded wood fibres. Position control cameras help positioning and pieces control of the on-boarded camera for a technodrill. These point at and calculate the positioning angle, and the integrated software is then able to recalculate the path tools.

    How do you choose the right types of PCB milling equipment?

    Milling involves etching, drilling and milling plastic, metal and aluminium parts, and printed circuit boards. The type of milling equipment you choose will depend on what milling you're carrying out and the support your equipment needs.

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