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    Osram LED Strip Lights

    LED Strip Lights are lighting components used for residential, commercial and industrial lighting. They consist of multiple SMD LEDs mounted onto a strip, which can be either a flexible strip (LED tape) or a rigid strip (LED modules). Strip lighting is very easy to use and saves you from having to mount individual lights across a large area.

    What colours are LED strip lights?

    LED strips are available in many colours. White LED strips are very popular for lighting as you can get different colour temperatures, for example, cool white and warm white. Cool white LEDs are more popular in industry, while warm white are ideal for at home. Coloured LED strips are also available, including colour-chasing strips which can be programmed to create custom lighting. RGB and RGBW LED strip lights are ideal if you are looking to use a wide range of different colours.

    How are they used?

    Accent lighting in home and in retail

    Under cabinet lighting

    Shelving illimination

    Media centre lighting

    Walkway illumination.

    LED light strips come in various lengths to suit different applications. Easy to use connectors are available to help with installation.

    Some LED Light Strips are cuttable with household scissors where instructed and can be customised to any length. Note - check the datasheet for guidance before cutting any LED strip. Flexible LED strips often come with a self-adhesive backing for easy installation.

    Are they waterproof?

    There is a wide range of LED strip lights available with different IP Ratings. This demonstrates how "waterproof" the LED strip is. If you require LED lighting which is completely waterproof, you may which to go for a higher rating, for example, IP67 & IP67. If you require your LED strip light to be splashproof, IP45 may be more suitable. If you do not require your LED strip to be waterproof at all, IP20 is the lower end of the rating. Most often, the higher the IP Rating, the more expensive the LED strip due to the manufacturing of the water-tight encapsulation.

    Do I need a controller?

    LED Lighting Strips work alongside LED lighting drivers (power supply) & controllers. There are various interfaces to control LED strips, such as wall-mounted dimmers and colour wheels, and remote controls with various functions. These can be purchased separately at RS."

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