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    Industrial Power Connectors

    For power applications in industrial environments, the RS range of Industrial Power Connectors has a connector to suit your needs. Typically supplied with excellent electrical insulation, and complying with relevant standards, these connectors are a safe and sure way to power tools and machinery at a variety of voltage requirements.

    The connectors are easy to assemble, and typically have a locking mating system that seals the connection and prevents unwanted disconnection. The RS range of industrial connectors contains various types, including cable mounted plugs and sockets, as well as wall, mounted appliance inlets.

    Different Types of Industrial Power Connector

    Industrial environments demand robust and reliable power solutions. Therefore, there is a range of industrial power connectors designed to meet these needs efficiently.

    Industrial Sockets

    Industrial sockets are essential for establishing secure electrical connections in various settings. These sockets are available in a wide range of current capacities, including 1A, 4A, 32A, 40A, and even 660A, accommodating voltages from 6V to 1.5kV. The variety in configurations—such as straight and angled- and options for wall, rear, PCB, or panel mounting—allow for flexible installation tailored to different industrial environments. Additionally, colour coding options such as black, blue, brown, red, and yellow not only facilitate quick identification to enhance safety but also assist in maintaining organisation within industrial setups.

    Industrial Plugs

    Industrial plugs are designed to endure the rigours of industrial use, ensuring consistent power delivery under challenging conditions. These plugs are available with protection ratings of IP20 all the way up to IP68, safeguarding against dust ingress and moisture, thus suitable for both indoors and environments exposed to the elements. Our range includes plugs for single-phase as well as three-phase systems, available with multiple pin configurations such as 3 pins (2P+E) and 4 pins (3P+E). These plugs are offered in amperages of 6A, 32A, 63A, and up to 400A, ensuring a fit for a variety of power requirements.

    By Pole Format

    Pole configuration is a critical factor when selecting an industrial power connector. Our offerings include a range of pole formats from simple 2P+E, commonly used for straightforward applications, to more complex configurations like 3P+N+E, which are tailored for more intricate systems requiring multiple phases or additional safety features through extra earth or neutral connections.

    By Current Rating

    The current rating of a connector is a defining feature that determines its suitability for specific applications. RS Components stocks industrial power connectors that support a wide array of current ratings from as low as 3mA for low-power applications to high-capacity connectors capable of handling up to 660A for large-scale industrial machinery.

    By Phase Configuration

    Matching the phase configuration of your industrial setting is essential for compatibility and safety. Our catalogue includes connectors suited for both single-phase and three-phase configurations. Understanding whether your application requires a single-phase, split-phase, or three-phase system will guide you to the correct connector type, ensuring efficiency and reliability.

    Benefits of Power Connectors

    Easy to Assemble

    Industrial power sockets and plugs from RS Components are designed for quick assembly, significantly reducing setup times. Their user-friendly design ensures that they can be efficiently and safely connected without specialised tools.

    A Range of Voltage Suitability

    Our power connectors are versatile across various voltages, making them suitable for a wide array of industrial applications. This flexibility allows them to adapt to different power supply standards and requirements effortlessly.

    Secure Mating

    The connectors feature a secure mating mechanism that locks in place, preventing accidental disconnections that could lead to power disruptions or safety hazards, thus ensuring continuous operation and reliability.

    Integrated Socket Dust Covers Available

    Many of our industrial power connectors come with integrated dust covers. These covers protect the connectors from dust, debris, and other particulate matter, which enhances longevity and maintains the integrity of the connection in harsh environments.

    Power Connectors Applications

    The RS range of industrial power connectors provides solutions for many environments. Here are some common uses:

    • Industrial automation
    • Woodworking and manufacturing
    • Construction sites
    • Marine and offshore energy
    • Event production
    • Telecommunications
    • Medical facilities

    How to Choose the Right Power Connector for Your Needs

    Selecting the appropriate power connector requires careful consideration of several factors to ensure optimal performance and compatibility with your system. Evaluate the current rating and operating voltage to match the power demands of your application. Consider the connector size and pitch for space constraints, and ensure it has suitable engagement force and locking features for secure connections. Polarisation and mounting configurations are also crucial for correct alignment and installation. Materials and construction, including the type of contacts and housing, should be chosen based on environmental conditions and durability requirements, reflecting the expected usage cycles.

    At RS, we stand as a premier supplier of industrial power connectors and a wide array of engineering and industrial components. Our comprehensive inventory is designed to meet diverse industrial applications, ensuring you locate the exact connectors you need—whether it’s robust industrial sockets or specialised power plugs.

    Beyond our exceptional range of power connectors, we also provide essential components like electric cables, universal power cords, and more. Explore our catalogue today to discover the solutions, tools, and equipment necessary to support your specific industrial requirements.

    How to Order Power Connectors from RS?

    As a trusted supplier, RS offers a comprehensive range of power connectors such as 4 pole power connectors and 5 pin electrical power connectors from top brands like ABB, Emerson Appleton, and NEUTRAL, among others.

    To place an order, you can:

    • Online: Visit our website to browse and order directly. This method is the quickest, with options for next-day delivery or local branch collection available.
    • Phone: Call us at 852 2421 9898 for personalised service and support.

    For businesses requiring ongoing supplies, RS also offers the option to set up a blanket order. This allows you to place multiple orders against a single order number with a spend control that you set. We track all transactions and notify you when you reach your specified spending limit. To initiate this service or for more details, simply call us at 852 2421 9898. This tailored ordering process is part of our commitment to providing flexible, reliable solutions to meet all your industrial needs.

    How Delivery Works at RS Hong Kong

    When you choose RS for your industrial power connector needs, you benefit from a range of flexible delivery options tailored to your requirements.

    We offer same-day delivery for orders placed before noon from Monday to Friday on local stocks, ensuring prompt receipt of your products. For more details and options, refer to our Delivery Page.

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